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Redfield vs. HiLux Leatherwood M40 Reproduction Optic for Modern M40 Build


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Sep 6, 2012
Hey guys I posted this thread on the optics section and got a little feedback but not much. I am going to buy one of these m40 replica scopes for my new "modern m40" build. The question I have is what is everyone's opinion on which one of these is better. The redfield is a 1 inch tube and the leatherwood is a 3/4 inch tube. Am I going to see much better light gathering abilities out of the 1 inch tube over the 3/4? Also who has traditionally better glass and quality? The redfield will be more expensive and I know that technically very few people have out their hands in the leatherwood yet because it launches in November. However what I know about Hide guys are that they are never low on opinion! Here are the links please let me know what you guys would go with!

Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics: Introducing the M40 Tactical Hunter

Redfield 3-9x40 USMC M40 Commemorative Rifle Scope
The Redfields are marked by the Leupold Custom shop. I think its because they put the reticle in them.
I went with a Redfield 3x9x40 Wide-View with the tombstone reticle for my early M40-A1 repro on a Turn-In early smear pattern stock. It will do until I have the scratch for a true period correct Redfield, Unertl, or US Optics repro.....in other words, I'll be using the Redfield for awhile! LOL! It ain't no Nightforce or USO, but it looks close enough & functions well enough for me.....for now! With everything else on this build being USMC spec though I will make acquiring the "right" glass a priority! Best of luck!! You get what you pay for in the glass dept.
The New Redfield is Mil-Dot Reticle but the color is close,BUT for that much money you can get a commercial accurange. I've got a commemorative too, just shot a match at 600 with a 3-9 accurange. Hunt EGAY for a older Redfield accurange, not accutrack or tv screen.

Scott, as always in awe of your correct scope and "the 40x base". For those interested there is a green accurange on egay right now.
What's the story about El Paso Weaver T10 on M40 rifles? A good T10 is an exellent vintage scope. Much better than a vintage Redfield for target shooting.
Is it at all possible to replace the reticle lens with a parts scope,or because the new Redfield is of a modern design the optical planes would be completely different?
And on a side note,what are the elevation & windage turrets like on the new Redfield?
Would have to see construction. Reticles and reticle and erector assemblies are different across the different types of vintage Redfields. 1" tube marked electors and reticles are incompatible with type II Redfields. Forget about Widefields. The reticle ring and erector frames are squared off and useless in anything but a Widefield.
Hilux scopes have been delayed until Feb 2014, I just called...

I am going to stick with my existing Redfield revolution for now.