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  1. B

    Optics Redfield Revenge 3-9x42 Muzzleloader scope

    Used for a season on my muzzle loader in great shape, has Sabot ML reticle and rangefinding reticle. $100.00 shipped Paypal, Zelle, moneyorder, check
  2. 3

    M40 build parts kit, what's it worth?

    I have some parts that I was going to use for an M40 build project. I bought them years ago but I haven't yet had the time to build one and they have just been sitting in my safe. We can only own 5 firearms here in the Netherlands and I have no intention to sell the ones I have now, so I will...
  3. pcweidman

    Redfield vs. HiLux Leatherwood M40 Reproduction Optic for Modern M40 Build

    Hey guys I posted this thread on the optics section and got a little feedback but not much. I am going to buy one of these m40 replica scopes for my new "modern m40" build. The question I have is what is everyone's opinion on which one of these is better. The redfield is a 1 inch tube and the...
  4. C

    Redfield vs. Konus Spotting Scopes

    Does anybody here have experience with both the Konus 20-60x80 and the Redfield Rampage 20-60x80? Will one of these have better optical clarity than the other? If they both cost the same (the Konus slightly more in my case) which would you buy and why? Thank you!
  5. N

    Rifle Scopes Redfield scope question

    Searching for the right scope for my M40 project, whats the difference between Redfield Accu-Trac & Accu-Range?
  6. M

    Rifle Scopes Redfield ART 1 scope

    I got an ART 1 Redfield scope that I bought at a gun show that needs the objective lense replaced and cleaned. Any suggestions for a good repair shop? I also need a base. I've heard they're more than the scope.
  7. R

    Rifle Scopes Someone to repair a Redfield scope.

    Who works on older Redfield scopes?I have two 3X9 scopes and both have a film on the inside lenses.When you look in the Objective you can see it.Thanks Randy
  8. C

    Rifle Scopes Older Redfield

    A freind of mine has an ols Redfield scope 6 X 18 , it has two stadia lines near the top of the obj. above the crosshair, it also has numbers from 200-60 in 50 yd increments visible in the reticle. Can antone give me the history on this scope? Thanks
  9. H

    Rifle Scopes Redfield 12x?

    Hello again ... I just bought an "A" serialled Remington 700 for its action and it came with a Redfield 12x fixed scope sitting on top. This is definitely a scope from a bygone era that was made in the US of A with target turrets. The scope's in excellent optical condition and has minimal...
  10. J

    Rifle Scopes redfield base

    Question for you guys. Second post on the forum. I have a winchester model 70 22-250 with a redfield one piece base with the dovetail front and windage rear and low rings. I want to change scopes and this is going to require high rings. Does anyone know if the leupold rings will work with...
  11. H

    Rifle Scopes Redfield LE12 - Need some info

    I have just ran into a Redfield LE-12. Can anyone tell me a liitle bit more about it ?? Time frame it was made, price, dependablility.. This thing is like new..
  12. xarmor

    Rifle Scopes Green Redfield accu range value? (pictures added)

    Found a green anodized Redfield acurange for sale, anybody got a feel for what these are currently selling for. Reticle is good, scope is serialized to a rifle, anodiztion on the tube has turned goldish color. Overall looks to be in very good used condition. What would be a reasonable price?