Rifle Scopes SBC50-ARD hexagonal case?


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Nov 25, 2006
Garland, TX
Anybody know if these are available to us civvies? ARD in from Midway, no case, what a surprise. Emailed Tenebraex, no response, again what a surprise. Yes, I searched google and the site - nuttin' 'cept someone else who didn't get one either.

TIA, Pete


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Dec 18, 2004
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Re: SBC50-ARD hexagonal case?


I went through the same exercise a few weeks ago looking for those black hexagonal cases. Tenebraex actually did respond to my voicemail, though they gave me the wrong case supplier. Tracking down some info with the assistance of another hide member, we ID'ed these as coming from Rose Plastic. The case in question is part of the TwistPack line, with the appropriate match being their part number DP 65 050.


Unfortunately Rose Plastic did not have any in stock, and they could only supply the black cases from their European operation with a 3000 case minimum order. They did refer me to another unrelated, though similar sounding company called Rose Light Packaging who deals with smaller order quantities.


Rose Light is run by a extraordinarily nice lady, Sue Donahue, and they did have the basic TwistPack case in stock, though only in the opaque natural polyethylene of the next taller size (+ 1 cm), DP 65 060. Sue's a class act and she kindly accommodated my request and sold me a half dozen of these cases for a very reasonable fee plus handling and shipping. If you'd like to get some of these cases, which are about as close as you can easily get without going nuts looking for the actual Tenebraex case, I'd recommend contacting her via email at [email protected]

Here's a few of the cases - same maker, same diameter, only 1 cm taller and clear instead of black. Good stuff!!