Rifle Scopes Scope tilting affecting image quality??? (Hakan Spuhr info)


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Mar 14, 2013
I emailed Mr. Hakan Spuhr of Spuhr mounts asking him what combination of mount I needed. For a 300win mag to get out to 1700m.

I wanted to know if I needed to buy a 20 MOA (6 Mils) mount to go alongside my 20 MOA rifle base. Fitted will be a Kahles 624i.

This is what he had to say about it:

In theory the scope can be tilted HALF the Elevation.

The elevation of your scope is 26 mils.

So theoretically it can be tilted 13 mils (45moa)

But mostly scopes that are tilted that much will sacrifice in image quality at short range.

So I usually recomend against heavy tilting.

If the Kahles will sacrifice in image quality do I not know.

Did anyone have image quality problems from heavy tilting of the scope at short ranges? I bought the 20 MOA mount anyway.

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Jun 18, 2005
Håkan is absolutely right. When erector is close to tube wall, image very often suffers.
This have been issue especially last couple of years as manufacturers compete witht maximun advertised adjustment range.

If you do your ballistic math, you'll see that few mrad loss does not make much practical difference converted to max shooting distance difference. Reticle hold-overs will have to be used anyway in ELR shooting if zero range is kept close.
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Jul 24, 2011
Columbus, OH
Not only will your image quality likely suffer noticeably when this close to the edge of adjustment range but you will also have basically no windage adjustment at close range. The windage adjustment quoted by the scope manufacturer assumes that the elevation knob is centered. When it is run that far towards the edge there is very little room left or right for the erector to move. I would not be comfortable running 40 MOA of mount on a scope with 45 MOA of adjustment but I do use a 100 yd zero and spend a great deal of time at that range. Depending on your rifle you might even find that with this cant you don't have enough windage for a 100 yd Zero.