Killing one steel plate at a time!
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  • May 27, 2014
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    I stopped by my local PSA on Tuesday to see if they had any JAKLs in stock the salesperson laughed at me and said he hadn't even ever seen one in person that every time they get one or two in, they are gone in minutes. He did say they were getting a big shipment in for Black Friday on Wednesday and that there may be a chance one or two could be on it and they open at 6am on Friday.

    Long story short I was going to go deer hunting and normally leave the house about 4am, but I overslept and was running late (5am) and no way I was going to make it to my deer stand by sunrise so I decided to see if I could hit PSA and score that JAKL I have been wanting. I got there about 5:30am and was third in line. They opened the door at 6am I make a B Line to the gun counter and asked if they got a JAKL in stock. Salesperson said yes, they got one in I looked at it and said "I'll take it" put down my CWP and was out the door in 20 mins.

    As I was waiting about five other guys asked for the JAKL and they pointed to me and said sorry that guy got the only one we got in.....Finally, it felt good to be that guy because usually I am the other guy......LOL

    Ok thoughts on the JAKL. (aka poor man's SCAR)

    I made it out to my hunting land mounted a Sig green dot sight on it and ran two 30round mags of M855 through it without any hiccups. Once I got it zeroed, I banged some head sized steel targets with it at about 50yds. I didn't have my 1/2x28 adapter for my can so I couldn't shoot it suppressed.

    Didn't really put a lot of time on it but will update with time.


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    Jun 4, 2021
    I have been thinking about the 300 blk versions now that they are out. Does the gas setting have an "off" setting? I would like to run it like a single shot (suppressed) if needed.