Range Report Share Your Experiences With Readi-Rolled .308 AMMO


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May 11, 2010
Just recently finished my 1st long range rifle platorm and have NO ammunition for it yet. Am working long hours to pay bills AND still enjoy my firearms so it is hard to spend alot of range time trying different factory loads. The closest spot to shoot over 500 yds near me is a 100 mile round trip. Am using a Savage 10 FP with Accu-trigger, 26" factory 1:10 Varmint barrel with a SEI USCG brake. USO 3.2-17X44 ERGO MIL/MIL with Farrell FG 20 MOA base and rings. Want to shoot more towards the outer limits of the .308 on paper, steel and reactive targets. I try to attend the two yearly MG events at Big Sandy here in AZ. I have a friend that reloads and will help me when the time comes, but he does not shoot .308 currently. Am looking to purchase 500 rds of match grade factory ammo that SHOULD perform well in my rig and yield GOOD quality reloadable brass. I feel naked without a stash of ammo on hand in case of SHTF. Opinions from any Savage shooters out there greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!! Joe