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Firearms SOLD: 6.5 Creedmoor Shorty (Rem 700, McMillan A5, Bartlein M24, Badger EFR, SureFire)


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Nov 1, 2017
Custom 6.5 Creedmoor shorty built on a Remington 700 action. All work on the rifle was done by Tier One Defense in Union, NJ. See below for pricing for both the complete rifle or just the barreled action.

Please review the attached pictures carefully and PM me with any questions or requests for specific pictures.

Complete Rifle Specs and Pricing
  • SOLD (shipping & insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser)
  • Note: The rifle is currently on a consignment agreement with Tier One Defense in Union, NJ
    • The final sale and transfer of the rifle would be completed through (and ship from) Tier One Defense to your FFL
    • Tier One’s website is: https://tieronedefense.com and their phone number is (908) 403-1757
  • No trades
  • Round count on the barrel is approximately 950 rounds of factory match ammunition, including Hornady 120 and 140 grain ELDM
  • The sale is for the rifle only as described below and does not include any accessories shown in the provided pictures unless specifically listed in the description below
  • Build List:
    • McMillan A5 stock in desert camouflage (I believe that it’s the sniper fill but I can put the stock on a scale if you want the actual weight)
      • QD points on the bottom and left side of buttstock; bottom of forend; and two front and rear on left side
      • WieBad cheek riser pad included
    • Trued Remington 700 action that has been professionally bedded by Tier One Defense
    • Badger Ordnance tactical bolt knob
    • Timney 510 trigger
    • Hawkins M5 DBM (one Magpul magazine included)
    • Badger Ordnance maximized recoil lug
    • 18.5” Bartlein M24 contour barrel
      • profiled to clear the EFR and for the Surefire brake (see pics for details)
      • professionally cerakoted by Tier One in a custom mix to complement the greens in the stock camouflage pattern)
    • Badger Ordnance EFR and one side rail
    • Surefire MB762SSAL/RE muzzle brake
  • Complete rifle weighs 10 lbs 13 oz
  • Please PM me with any questions or requests for specific pictures
Barreled Action Only (includes brake and trigger) Pricing:
  • SOLD (shipping & insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser)
  • No trades
  • See above for specs on the barreled action


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How does she shoot?

Excellently- here’s two pictures of what it was capable of doing recently at 100 yards with factory 120 and 140 grain Hornady ELDMs. On average, at a 100 yards , my groups with this gun are in the 3/4 to 1/2 group with a few larger ones when I forget the fundamentals (I’d classify myself as an average shooter)


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