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SOLD SOLD RW Snyder Custom Guns XM3 clone


Gunny Sergeant
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  • Mar 26, 2006
    Manning, Iowa

    A Xm3 build I did for myself. Only reason I’m selling is I recently received a receiver that has a serial number that is real close to a real XM3 rifle that sold on the CMP auctions. Rifle has only been test fired.

    Fully blueprinted and clip slotted S prefixed stainless steel receiver, with tac knob and correct last four of serial marked bolt, Correct thickness recoil lug. Iron Brigade Armory marked scope base

    Hart 18.5 barrel, Correct hand stamped info on barrel.

    Mcmillan molded in OD green stock. Pillar and glass bedded with Marine Tex.

    Unmarked Colorado micro precision UNS rail. Badger steel hinged floor plate. Surefire MB762ssal/re muzzle brake.

    Optional accessories Nightforce NXS F1 3.5-15 MOA scope with .885 ultra-lite rings, harris bipod with KMW lever and nylon cheek piece.

    $7K for the rifle as pictured

    $5k for the rifle only, no scope, bipod or cheek piece.

    Please click here to view and purchase.

    Please don't post anything in this ad, if you have any questions please email or PM me. Don't want to get in trouble for bumping rules.




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