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Well some of you may remember a while back, I broke a Surgeon action wrench. I admittedly was using a cheater bar, and was trying to pull a factory barreled action apart. The wrench bent pretty good, and on the next attmept, it snapped into 2 pieces. jasonk advised that I should send it back in to Surgeon and they would likely replace it. I didn't send it in right away as since I felt this was on me. Well, just lately I had some funds freed up, and I really miss the Surgeon action wrench, it is by far my favorite, though strictly around the action wrenches for pulling factory barrels now. At any rate, I sent the pieces back to Surgeon explaining that I had used a cheater bar and broke the wrench. I asked for them to give me a call, and I would buy another wrench from them. Well, this morning I got to work and here is an envelope from Surgeon. A brand new wrench with a nice note reminding me not to use a cheater bar with the wrench.

What can I say, SURGEON ROCKS!

BTW, Let this be my official statement: "DON'T USE A CHEATER BAR WITH THE SURGEON ACTION WRENCH!"