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The Everday Sniper Podcast, Episode 232 Phil Velayo and Nick B interview


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  • Apr 12, 2001
    Base of the Rockies
    The Everday Sniper Podcast, Episode 232 Phil Velayo and Nick B interview

    This is a master class on talking about blending the competition mindset with the military sniper.

    The topics we cover blend the two worlds together.
    Nick B is the SNCOIC of Rocket Mountain, the Mountain Scout Sniper Course. He brings a great perspective to our continuing conversation about the practical application of competition shooting.

    Phil Velayo was great to reach out to the Everyday Sniper to put this epic interview together.

    Some of the topics we cover:

    • History and Background
    • Competition Entry
    • Kestrels vs Written Dope
    • Movement & Alternate Position Shooting
    • Tripods, Tripods, Tripods,
    • Get out and Shoot!
    Back to back home runs, Frank. The Gina M. podcast followed by Phil Velayo and Nick B. were great listening.
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    This ones going to be one I re listen to trying to get the little things I might have missed. Great episode !
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    I appreciate guys on that level talking about the value of a competition and how boring the military can be. I never was a sniper but you do not get to shoot as much as people may think and it's not an action movie. Often a scheduled range event in the service pigeon holes you into a certain avenue of training and doesn't encourage a think tank mentality of evolution of tactics and training methods. I wish I would have had the awareness to compete when I was in the Army, I could have passed it on before I got out. I am now a much more solid shooter because of competition and being around accomplished competitors. I hope more service members get out and compete and push back against the inertia of institutional incest, it will inevitably benefit us all. Great pod cast I always look forward to every new one.
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    The Marine Corps is not gonna change anytime soon. I hate to hear you guys are strangled to such a low round count. Bridgeport is a secret duty station that should be kept quiet. Just sayin. I went 4-5 times to n the late 80,s before the gulf war. I love that place
    I really enjoyed this podcast. I have always thought that the competition world had a lot to offer for those involved in real world scenarios. Looking forward to the next Pod cast.