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The last of their kind: Remington 40x receivers and bolts in Left Hand only.


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  • Mar 14, 2010
    Sturgis, S. Dakota
    We recently acquired 26 Remington 40x left-handed, short-action receivers and LH SA bolt blanks. If you look closely at the photos you'll notice some do not have bolt bodies. I have 50 receivers total. I am still trying to source some bolts for those. As stated, only 26 have bolt blanks.




    NOTE: You'll notice there is one RH action at the bottom of the photo. It is not for sale. That one goes home with me. :)

    These receivers are a mix of factory "clip slot" for use of stripper clips and the traditional rear bridge configuration. Clip slotted in this context should not be confused with the term "clip slotting" used for M40 type scope bases. The receivers/bolts I have are all carbon steel and are set up as repeaters from the factory. One or two might be fluted. We didn't do that work. It's how they were delivered to me.

    The bolts I have are mostly .390" (.223) bolt face diameter.

    NOTE: These receivers and bolts are NOT complete. The fire controls, shrouds, bolt stops, ejectors, springs, etc... are not included. You are buying a receiver and a naked bolt body. Think of this sale as a "builder special" vs. a complete action. Make sure you understand what you are buying first!

    To make this as simple as possible I've made a listing on our online store. Following the link below makes this as easy as buying anything else on the web. Because this is a serialized part, you will have to source a licensed dealer in your area that you are comfortable working with. They will need to have a valid Federal Firearms License and we (LRI) will need a copy of that license sent to us before we can ship your receiver/bolt.

    email: [email protected]

    Subject line: 40x purchase, Sales Order #: #####

    The easiest way to do this is to complete the sale on the store. Next, source your dealer and have them email a PDF or JPEG of their license. In the subject line have them include your SALES ORDER number from your website purchase. Doing it this way just helps mitigate mistakes on what goes where and to whom.

    These receivers literally came off the production floor and went straight to the Remington Custom Shop. They are finish machined, however, they will require some fluff and buff work to truly make presentable. One must understand how the process at Remington worked. Parts delivered to the RCS were not finished to the same level you might expect to see a whole gun at a box store. These parts are "raw" and "in the white". IMO it adds to the nostalgia just because its something the general public never got to see.

    Elective Services:

    If you take a moment to troll around the LRI website you'll find that we offer a variety of gunsmithing services specific to the M700, 40x, 721 lineup of actions. As mentioned, the bolts I have in inventory are mostly .390" (223) boltface. We are fortunate to have some divine intervention when it comes to altering OEM bolts. Setting these up for alternate cartridges is no issue. You will need to do your own homework and be sure you know what you are ordering if you choose to do this.

    Blueprinting, pinned lugs, 8-40 base holes, clip slotting, side bolt releases, and bolt fluting are just some of the machining services we offer. We also have a very comprehensive finishing department for CeraCoat application, bluing, case color, etc... If you are interested in having us perform this kind of work, take your time and review the Gunsmithing Services AND the Products pages carefully. There is a great deal of information contained in the listings.

    If this interests you, simply follow the link below to the sale listing for the receiver/bolt. Throw it in your cart and add elective services at your discretion. Should you have questions, feel free to contact us directly: 605.490.2561. Know that we have 5 lines coming into LRI. It's very common for all lines to be busy simultaneously. Please don't give up on us, we're just with another client.

    Last. All sales are final. No returns, no refunds, no drama. Make sure you know what you are buying ahead of time. This is non-negotiable. "You rigged it, you ride it."

    A stash like this will probably never surface again. Happy shopping.


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