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HMFIC of this Shit
Staff member
  • Apr 12, 2001
    Base of the Rockies
    I honestly don’t remember what year I came up with the Sniper’s Hide Dot Drill. I know I was working at Rifles Only, and it had to be around 2006, give or take a year, but since that time, I have seen the dot drill grow and expand beyond the original intention.

    Progressive Dot Drill Target

    As a precision rifle shooter, shooting groups is a necessary evil. Some disciplines revolve around group shooting, like benchrest or F Class. As a tactical shooter, I look at it as more of a cross-the-course style of shooting. It’s not about the group size as much as the position used to get that first-round hit. We are looking to solve a dynamic problem versus repeating the same thing over and over. The reality is that we want to solve the shooting problem in the least number of rounds possible instead of stacking a group into a single target.

    Practical Precision Rifle...

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    So many variations of the dot drill and now designed much smaller for you .22 comp rifles. Box drill is also a challenging target as your relying on the accuracy of your scope and it’s turrets👍
    It was the year 2008, on a hot summer day. Frank was sitting behind his rifle prone and day dreaming about ideas on improving marksmanship. After an hour, he jumped up, took a sip of his "Spin D", and drew out 20 circles on a sheet of paper. He then proceeded to run out to the 100yd line and hung it up and hurried back to his rile. He downed the rest of his "Spin D" and then began to close out the circles in a manner that would be considered a COC violation here. And now we have the dot drill.

    At least that is the rumor I heard of how it started.