There it is...impeachment...

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Aug 10, 2001
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The Gun Control plague has served a useful purpose; aligning people into recognizable factions, prompting gun owners to recognize the threat, to obtain and prepare the necessary resources, and improve their positions to guard against whatever form the threat takes.

The ranks of gun owners are not origin of the problem; let us pray we are not compelled to be the solution.

The Second has become one of the tripwires. Those who don't recognize this will pay the price of serfdom.

It's coming.

I would rise, not to cause it, but to meet it when it comes forth; as any responsible family head must.

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Sep 17, 2009
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I find it amusing how the democrats only use a part of Trump's statement and call it racist. The part they leave out was about going back to where they came from, then "FIX THE PROBLEM, THEN COME BACK AND SHOW US HOW THEY DID IT". But they only use a part of the statement and call it racist....

Dumbocrats don't seem to know the difference between racism (having to do with one's race) and nationalism (having to do with one's country). If anything, Trump's statement would more accurately be nationalistic, not racist...but even calling it nationalistic is a stretch.

It was more like he was saying (these are my words, not Trump's): If you are so smart, go fix the problems in the country of your origin, then come back and show us how you did it.
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