Rifle Scopes  Trading in Sightron SFP for FFP..how's it sound?


Dec 17, 2017
Hey guys, I've got a Sightron SIII LRMDCM 6-24x50 mil/mil in SFP. Had it a few years, three to be exact. Bought my. 308 and scope the night we checked in for my wife to be induced in August 2014 when we had our first child. Works out nice cause I tell everybody it cost me a fortune for the rifle, 3k for the rifle and optic, the rest for the kid ha! I didn't know much about SFP/FFP at the time but I've read so much here and would like to be self reliant ranging things so I emailed Sightron and asked if they could upgrade it or let me trade it in. The service rep was great, by the way, and said I could send it in, and along with 400ish bucks upgrade to a FFP model. I'm assuming it'll be something comparable to what I already have, just FFP. Should I run with that plan? I've really liked this optic, but would like to try my hand at PRS or unknown distance target shooting. I know there are better reticle options geared toward this for ranging, but mils are easy for me to understand, and it's a cheap way to get a better scope, $400ish compared to $1k plus for a new one. Thanks guys.