Trail cam recommendation


Dec 1, 2011
Looking at Browning Recon Force 4K Edge and Bushnell DS Core Low Glow. Just back yard stuff. Most interested in night stills followed by night video. Thoughts on these two or others for about the same price? Thanks.


Gunny Sergeant
May 11, 2014
Unfortunately I don't have any experiences with the ones you're asking about so take this for what it is worth. As I have the Browning Strike Froce Pro(x1), Cabela's model (x1) and Bushnell(x2) from before they were called Core (2018?), but with the same detection circuit as today's basic core series.

My Bushnells don't always take the highest quality pictures as they handle light/color poorly at times (supposedly improved on newer DS Core models?). You can still tell what type of animal triggered the camera, but the colors and light reflection spots that show up at times aren't quite right. Both Bushy's take far more photos and video's of leafs moving (still an issue across the entire lineup I believe?) than the Browning. That's something to consider if you're leaving it unattended for several months at a time as videos eat up card space rather quickly. Battery life is good for just about a year (I automatically replace batteries when I bring them in during winter months in my area as I haven't found batteries that last long in below freezing weather).

With the Browning and both Bushnell cameras on the same tree one on top of the other facing the exact same spot; the Browning misses half of the animals that the 2 Bushnell's spot. So the same lack of the sensitivity in the Browning that allows it trigger fewer times on leafs moving also shows up in animal detection. The Browning is slower to react, has a tighter detection field and doesn't have the range regardless of day/night of the Bushy in my experience. When the Browning does take a photo or video though it's always of the highest quality. The Browning videos almost universally have better contrast quality than the Bushy (I hear that it's a closer race with the DS?).

The Cabela's model I have, which model I can't remember for the life of me, was their top of the line 3 years ago and it isn't in the same class. Picture quality is horribly grainy, hard to tell the difference between a raccoon and fox it's so bad at times. Detection sucks, eats batteries, not a single good quality about it.

All told I like the higher video quality of the Browning and find sifting through a bunch of leaf moving photos or videos (blanks) from the Bushy a pain at times. Yet, the whole reason I bought a trail camera in the first place was to see what is passing by so after having both brands on the same tree I'm more than willing to put up with the flaws of the Bushy to actually see all of the critters that are passing by the camera (even low flying birds). I would absolutely purchase the Bushy again for it's sensitivity over the Browning.

Wow... that got long winded about models you didn't ask about... 🤷‍♂️ oops


Sergeant of the Hide
May 20, 2020
Best I can say, watch camofire and buy stuff on sale. They all tend to crap out after a while if they don't get stolen... If for deer, I prefer an Infrared / Black Flash model. Tends to bug the deer less. I've used a bunch image quality all seems about the same for anything purchased recently. Although, I did have a browning that didn't work great.

Brands: Pretty sure most of mine are Bushnell right now. I have heard good stuff about Exodus, but haven't used them.