Rimfire Vudoo V22 AICS Single Shot Adapter, Bolt Disassembly Cocking Tool, Mag Loader Tool, Magazine Bench Tray


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Jun 21, 2009
I have 3D-printed parts available for the Vudoo V22. These are all things that I made for myself and my Vudoo, but then other Vudoo shooters at local matches wanted some too. I’m making the available to our ‘Hide members here. Most items are made to order, so you can pick your colors and/or options!

1. Single-shot Adapter: For F-Class and other matches that require single-shot loading, I have a magwell insert/adapter that is topped with a "sled" for loading a single round at a time. As I'm sure you've seen on your gun, there's not much exposed room there in a repeater action when the bolt is open, but the "sled" is as big as possible while still clearing the bolt surfaces and putting the bullet at the correct angle so the bolt pushes it smoothly into the chamber. I most commonly make these in white (makes it obvious to the match director that you're not using a standard magazine, but can be 3D-printed in other colors of your choice including yellow, gray, black or orange on request. $25 shipped.

2. A single-cartridge "pen" holder-- a rod type tool that holds one 22 cartridge slip-fit by the base that you can use along with (or without) the single-shot sled to aid in inserting a single cartridge -- great for cold days, gloved hands, or just less-than nimble fingers. $3 when shipped with a single-shot adapter. I have them pre-made in white or yellow, but they can also be made in gray, black, orange, or metallic green.

3. A V22 bolt assembly/disassembly/cocking/decocking/recocking tool, similar to the one offered by Vudoo Gun Works. If you ever over-rotate your bolt and the cocking piece ends up in the cocking ramp (you've just accidently de-cocked your bolt), this tool also EASILY allows you to move it back to normal cocked position in about 2 seconds without *any* disassembly so you can slip your bolt back into your gun. $20 shipped, or $18 if included with other item(s) being shipped at the same time. This tool doesn't just work on repeater bolts, though... it also works on the single-shot bolts. I guarantee that this works as described, and that it works just like the more expensive version available direct from VGW. I most commonly make these in white or yellow (easy to find in your range bag or your tool kit), but can also be made in black, gray or orange.

4. A thumb-assist magazine loader for V22 repeater magazines. If you have trouble pulling down on the magazine follower spring buttons "just right" to avoid rim-lock, then this tool is for you. It gives you just the right depth before you drop in the next cartridge. This is also really helpful if you use replacement magazine extended baseplates such that you've had to remove the load-assist buttons. I most often make these in yellow (easy to find in your range bag but also can be made in white, black, gray, orange, metallic purple, or metallic green. $13 shipped, or $10 when combined with shipping another item.

5. V22 Magazine Caps -- if you like to pre-load your magazines before going to the range, these slip-on/snap-in caps protect that exposed top cartridge from bullet damage. They only work on at least partially loaded magazines (otherwise on a fully empty magazine the follower buttons get in the way). Available in white, yellow, black, gray, metallic purple or metallic green. $6 for five, $10 for ten, including shipping.

6. V22 Magazine Bench Tray -- Hold five Vudoo magazines (with or without mag base extensions) on the bench to keep you organized during a match! The mags sit at a tilt, ready to grab, but the slots are not tight so there's no fumbling. Color shown in photo is metallic black (my favorite for this piece, other than yellow), but you have your choice of colors. It can be produced personalized with your name molded into both sides for $5 more, otherwise text will be "VUDOO". $18 shipped, or $15 when combined with other items.

7. V22 Magazine Extension -- Replaces baseplate on the V22 *polymer* magazines to allow an extra one (11 total) or two (12 total) cartridges (one extra cartridge as shown, if you want two extra cartridges, you have to remove the load assist buttons). I personally use them with just one extra cartridge as shown. Choice of colors, though usually black or gray. Can be made with or without "VUDOO" on the sides, will have "VUDOO" if you don't specify otherwise. $10 each including shipping, $45 for five including shipping


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