Maggie’s Ways to say thanks and remember on Memorial day...


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1. For any of the non profits that the site supports, Cash donations are always welcome. Especially corporate sponsorships. Just ask, I'll email a corporate packet if you want one of ours.

2. Get in on raffles, auctions or giveaways. Plenty on this site. Hope4heroes currently has them for a Rifle, suppressor, & cruise.

3. Sponsor a Hero, see or website for details on any of these.

4. Volunteer your time. Check the site for a chapter near you, start a chapter, have a neighborhood BBQ, car wash at your local church, high school, lemonade stand, anything like this is helpful, not only with fund raising, but awareness. the more folks that know about us, the more troops we can help.

5. buy a T-shirt, write a letter to BAMC or Wilford Hall in San Antonio, to any wounded Marine, sailor, soldier or airman. Ask them what you can do, mention hope4heroes, and let them know you and hope4heroes is here for them.

6. Pray, be reverent, give thanks. And should you cross paths with a young or old American veteran, or service member, give them a moment of your time, a piece of gum, a cold drink, a warm smile, and a hug.

7. Just say thanks, even as a Veteran myself I still say thanks to the younger troops. They are my brothers and sisters. I now owe them my life and respect.

8. Today, stand at a table, open a bottle of wine, turn your empty wine glass upside down on the table, and play taps, while silently saluting the memory of the fallen........

Semper Fi

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usmc, 91-99
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Re: Ways to say thanks and remember on Memorial day...

Bump for a good thread.

The number one question I get from people, is "What can I do." Well, there are some answers.

Happy Memorial Day yall.


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Re: Ways to say thanks and remember on Memorial da

One of the Soldiers who was helped by the people on this forum is Jamin Moore, a member of Tiger Force, the Scout Sniper team for 1/327 Inf, 101st Airborne, who survived an IED attack, December 4th 2007, which killed three others, including the Captain.
American Snipers, and several individuals on this forum contributed much support during their deployment. Now the team is home, the men scattered, and replaced, some discharged, and working or going to college. Others going on to more training, (Rangers and SF).
Except one.
Jamin is still at BAMC at Ft Sam. Going on a year and half, with the average being about 3 years. It is still rough going.
If you wish to write or help in any other way, to a Wounded Warrior directly, PM me.
Otherwise the general address to the burn unit is:
BAMC Burn Unit 3 West
3857 Roger Brook Dr
Ft Sam Houston TX 78234

Of late, packages to "Any soldier" have been turned away and destroyed at the APO level. I don't know if these are getting through now.
Donations CAN be made to "Fisher House" (do a google search) which has facilities at many military posts, for housing transitional warriors and family member caretakers between the hospital phase and the hospital barracks phase of their recovery.
Ft Sam is not exclusively Army, either: Marines and AF team members have also been treated there. It is the state of world burn center art. The burn ward is also closed to all but family, and care takers.
There are no mirrors on the burn ward.
The staff is some of the best I have ever worked with.
Thanks for the help, and the thoughts for our men and women in uniform.


Nov 8, 2007
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Re: Ways to say thanks and remember on Memorial da

I fully agree on the quote, I am a firm believer that if you dont like this country then renounce your citizenship, head north and get out or head south and get out or take a friggin plan but get out and dont ever bring your sorry ass back. and if you need help with that well I know a few good old boys who would be happy to help you with relocation.


Jul 28, 2008
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Re: Ways to say thanks and remember on Memorial da

We have tried to make every Rolling Thunder in D.C. on Memorial Day, and went this year on the Hogs to remember those who served and those who gave their last. For those who have never been to the Wall, whether you served in the military or did not, I can guarantee that once there you will not come home the same.

First, here's to my Dad, one of the last surviving B-17 ball turret gunners from WWII in the country, 90 years old this past May, still tough as nails, 51 missions in those ships and kicked ass....

In memory of LCpl. Richard Evancho, USMC, Freeland, Pa., who died over the South China Sea in 1968. May God Rest your soul.......