1. JohnJameson

    NC Coyote Hunt near Bragg/Fay:

    Good evening, I'm (still) looking to start hunting coyote (day/night). Does anyone know of any private land or farmers that want coyote removed? If not, does anyone know where to find private land for lease at a reasonable price? Thanks!
  2. KNIGHT11B4

    PTS 1 Day Match, Ft.Gordon GA

    Who- Precision Tactical Solutions (PTS) What- 1 Day Precision Rifle Match Where- Fort Gordon (Augusta, GA) When- Feb 24 PTS is happy to announce a new 1 day precision rifle match. This is designed to be a fun but still challenging match. It will be perfect for everyone from new shooters to...
  3. SWFA

    Rifle Scopes SWFA-SS Tax Day Group Buy: 1-6, 5-20, and more!

    Officially starts April 15th but we're giving you a head start.
  4. Hateca

    Gibbs 1903A4 reproduction eval *second range day*

    I received one of the Gibbs 1903A4 replicas just more out of curiosity then anything. I have numerous original Garands, carbines, and 1903’s but not a 03A4 because like everyone else the cost is way too much to obtain. The rifle comes in a hard case with a leather sling and rifle dust cover...
  5. M

    Movie Theater Boondock Saints 2: Premiers Nov 1, All Saints Day

    Boondock Saints 2 Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day to Premiere Exactly When You Thought It Would Director Troy Duffy announced to a packed room in San Diego that the sequel to his cult hit, The Boondock Saints will hit theaters on November 1, 2009, All Saints Day. A fitting date for...
  6. RollingThunder51

    Photos How was your day dear?

    As Promised... Some tables just have more interesting things happen to them than others... I would have stuck these on the other gallery, but there is a seven (7) picture limit. On the last shot you can see a nickel sitting on the receiver to show the astonishing amount of work to reduce a...
  7. S

    Rifle Scopes PVS 14 Day Optic Adapter Has anyone had any experience with ^^^^^ or suggest any other Day scope attachment that you have used and liked any suggestions are greatly appreciated... looking to attach it to a Leupy Mk4 40mm thanks in advance
  8. 1

    Photos Day at the range

    Sighting in left to right. Last box on right has 2 sighting round in upper left. Then 5 in the middle 100yd 69g HPBT, Armlite match with Krieger heavy match barrel, Leupold MK 4 3.5-10 mildot
  9. gorhamlit

    Photos first time at 500-2nd day of class

    I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to accomplish this on my own- Sniper's Hide Online Training, Creekside Sniper/Precision Rifle Course- Two Thumbs up!
  10. Jayhawker

    Maggie’s It's been a REALLY bad day...

    So I'm on my way to work this morning...take my eyes off the road for a minute and BAM, I run the Rover right into the back of a car that stopped short to avoid running over a squirrel.... I'm setting behind the wheel just shaking my head thinking about the crappy start to my day. The door to...
  11. D

    Day at the range

    Just wanted to show off some results from shooting today first My new .308 that was built by Aurora Tactical here locally specs are: Winchester 70 push feed #4 Hart 1-10 23" McMillan Model 70 hunting 60% blue 20% black 20% grey Action was trude and bedded Jewell Trigger Leupold VX III...
  12. Y

    Hunting & Fishing MI coyote day hunting opens july 15th

    I am ready to hit a couple local places on SE side of state Wednesday. Maybe a little further north toward the weekend. Going to give the new jack in the box a try.
  13. A

    4 day sniper school in SLC Utah Sept 22-25

    COURSE TITLE: Scout Sniper WHERE: 45 minutes from SLC Utah WHEN: September 22-25 TIME: 8 am to 5 pm COSTS: $300 REGISTRATION: contact at [email protected] CLASS SIZE: class will be limited to 20 students COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Precision rifle capable of 1 MOA accuracy (any...
  14. 1

    Photos Bad Hair Day

    Before the Worm Pit.
  15. Wheres-Waldo

    A good day at the range.

    Did some more extended load development/ paper punching at a little longer range today, not LONG RANGE by any means. Heres probably the best group I've ever produced MOA wise at any range, much less off of a bipod and rear bag out of the bed of my pick-up truck. 309.5 yards 1.013 CTC .32 MOA...
  16. jaket13

    My grandfather gave me this the other day....

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but a few weeks ago my grandfather handed me this rifle and told me to enjoy it. It's pretty old, the rifle says 1894 Springfield Armory I love how it shoots, but I was wondering if it would be worth anything? here are some pics:
  17. Tacstick

    5 day police sniper school

    Tacsticks Group will be holding a 5 day basic police sniper school located in central CT. The date are Sept. 28th - Oct. 2nd. Contact the web site for registration and details. Ray
  18. LVshooter

    Las Vegas 2 day Precision Tactical Rifle Match

    We (Werner,Rodger,Cody,Victor,Bear, and myself) will be putting on a 2 day precision tactical rifle match on October 31st and November 1st (Saturday and Sunday). This match will be open to bolt guns and semi autos. Round count will be about 150 rounds. Match will be held at Desert Sportsman’s...
  19. A

    Advanced (2 Day) Tactical Carbine Course (VA)

    AR-15 / M4 Advanced (2 Day) TACTICAL CARBINE COURSE June 27–28, 2009 starting @ 9:00am Prerequisite: Basic Carbine Course: From any reputable school/instructor Class Size: 15 Students Max Instructors: Tom Perroni & CCJA Staff Instructors This course is designed to develop a solid...
  20. Twisted

    My day of load development....

    Looks like 44.8gr of Varget will be the happy place for my rifle. Max load according to Hogdon is 45gr so didn't want to go too far past that to test but even at 45.2 I showed no pressure signs at all.