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What a world, what a world.


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  • Oct 18, 2021
    Hi, I'm Marlin Perkins. This week on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom...

    (for those playing home game, Eritrea is on the east coast of Africa, facing the Red Sea.)

    They do not care where they war, be it here, in Germany, or back home. However, they should have some fans here because they also have no use for police.
    Yes, Old Marlin and Jim wrestling anacondas in South America...........Been a long time and how the world has changed for the worst.
    Man, that’s my city and I haven’t even heard about it. Been a busy weekend and I haven’t seen the news. Sounds like the fire dept should have turned the hoses on more than just the fire. I keep telling Ms 502 that we should move, but it’s hard for her to let go of our little farm that’s been in her family for 200 years.
    So, if police couldn't quell this riot for 10 hours. Does that mean it was actually a mostly peaceful protests? I wouldn't want them trampling the rights of these peopel to violently riot while they peaceably assemble.

    Way to go officers. That violent mob of illegals should have been arrested and deported forthwith. Instead they are emboldened because there were not consequences for their actions.

    Funny what that thin blue line gang allows to cross "the thin blue line."
    Maybe I misuderstand what the thin blue line is supposed to represent. It's the law right? Yet they enforce illegal orderes and commit crimes, instead of arresting the people that give them. I am truly cornfused, surely it's not just lip service.
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