What Scopes have BDC Reticles and Hold overs for specific calibers?


Jun 22, 2022

Hi Guys, I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really love using BDC reticles and scopes with specific hold overs. I know Nikon used to have some pretty nice scopes and Primary arms is sort of leading the pack. I have looked into Horus scopes with there BD reticle- Not my favorite option. My question is this, Is there any better quality scopes out there with Reticles specifically matched for 308? What I would really like to find is something in the 4-16 or18x range with a bdc reticle that is a bit higher quality scope?

Fyi I have two of the PA 2.5 -10x scopes with the acss reticle and love them I can only shoot out to 300 yards (limitation of the range not the scope) but they work great for me for that.

Just fyi, I don’t have the best eyesight and I am getting up there in years and these types of scopes allow me to keep enjoying the sport. Thanks for any info you can provide.
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  • Aug 26, 2013
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    Or just get a scope with an adult reticle and make a proper dope chart yourself.

    I’m just being a smartass… 😂

    Seriously though, pick a scope you want, don’t worry about caliber-specific reticles, they are estimates, and will not always be correct for your setup. This can cause more harm (to animals) and frustration (for you) than good.

    My suggestion is to get a scope you really like, and download one of the high quality smartphone ballistics apps (like Strelok Pro), and input your rifle and load data to build your own dope chart for your exact rifle. Then, you can reference you’re phone quickly and easily if you need to dial or use the reticle for quick shots.
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  • Dec 17, 2017
    I started with a Vortex 6-24X56 Crossfire 2 with a BDC reticle....which I liked just fine. Moved along to other scoped and now shooting Vortex Golden Eagle with ECR-1 reticle which I like a little better but the BDC never held me back and was simple as pie.