Which 30 caliber for a 2nd custom build

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Aug 10, 2001
The are certainly some things a 300WM will do that a .30-'06 won't, but doing them will subject the younger version to more recoil than is really necessary, and are probably rather down a bit from the top line of his priorities.

When the 30-'03 (the '06's predecessor) was adopted, it was done as an effort to limit recoil to a reasonable level for the average full grown soldier. Give the kid a break.

What does he say about the 300WM? Does he have a preference for it over the .30-'06?



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Nov 12, 2020
No 300UM?

If you wanna act a fool later on, a simple barrel swap an you got a 338.


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Feb 10, 2006
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Ok. Looking at building a 2nd rifle and thought I had settled on the 6.5PRC until I looked at 30 calibers. Three have my interest in a big way. This gun will be for an elk hunt out west, shooting at range, and want it to give to my son when time comes. He’s not a big hunter but loves shooting targets. The 30PRC, 30 Nosler, and 300 Norma Magnum. I am pretty sure that the NM is top of food chain with these three and PRC would be at the bottom, but all things considered from reloading, factory ammo choices, recoil, hunting, barrel life, among other factors which would be the best all around rifle for hunting from 100yd shots out to 7-800+ yards. And then just the point of range shooting. Right now I know all brass and ammo are expensive, barrels will be burnt on all three eventually, and the recoil is a priority also. Being that I’m looking at a rifle in the 9-11 pound area with scope. I will be running a muzzle brake though so I’m hoping that will help tame the beast. Thanks
Looking at the OP again, I wonder….Have you considered something simple like 280ai, 270 Win, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 WSM or 6.5 PRC throated and twisted for mono’s like Hammers or LRX’s?