Who here lives or has experience in New Jersey?


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Feb 12, 2014
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Quoted from another forum.

WTF. I guess NJ is not in America!

“ NJ makes no distinction between concealed or open carry. All "possession" of firearms is illegal with a few exceptions written into the law such as at your place of residence, at a business you own, at the range, or at the gun shop, and traveling in between IF the gun is cased and unloaded.

NJ issues about 400 carry permits a year and permits are good for 2 years. 9 million residents. That's .009%. In the rest of the country 12% have carry permits.

The list is secret but the assumption is that most of these are armed security guards. These carry permits will have a restriction on the permit that says something like "during working hours". We had a security officer here arrested recently because he had his carry gun in his glove compartment on his drive home from work.

We have out-of-staters arrested every year who are just passing through because they didn't really think NJ was as bad as it is. One guy was supposed to transfer from one flight to another in Newark. His second flight was delayed so the airline put him up in a hotel. The next morning he returned to the airport and declared his firearm - just like he had done in his home state the day before. He was arrested for possession of a firearm.

Penalty is 3-1/2 - 10 years for possession - that is unless you're arrested with a gun while dealing drugs or robbing a gas station. Then you get much less time. Prosecutors push for harsher sentences as a message to "gun nuts". Armed robbery isn't as serious in NJ.”


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Oct 22, 2011
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Sounds like leftist horseshit. But I guess they like it, just like ANY business still in Cali, NY or Jersey must love paying those taxes and funding the Regime and lining the pockets of said state Oligarchs.
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  • Sep 12, 2019
    It's all about "safety", or the illusion thereof at any cost, for the people who vote for clownshoes laws like this. The have happily sacrificed any autonomy, self determination, liberty, or exhilaration of being alive for safety, safety, safety.

    This point was driven home incredibly hard for me watching people begging to be told what to do during this Covid spectacle. Even as jaded and cynical as I already was, I was (and continue to be) astonished by the sheepery.

    I'll just never understand people who want risks to be mitigated to zero, and are stupid enough to think it's even possible, and will give up ANYTHING to acheive it. As long as someone says they will be "safe" they would put their kids in a wood chipper I'm half convinced.
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    I dated a girl once in college and asked her where she was from. She said, "New Jersey". My response, "Really? What exit?"

    Elizabeth, New Jersey.. the smell is so bad, your friends will thank you for farting in the car.

    On a serious note, screw Chris Christie. He could have fixed that shit while he was the Gov and chose to play fuck fuck games with construction zones.
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  • Jun 11, 2010
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    Been there done that. Guns and ammo separate (in cases) in the vehicle trunk while going to and from shooting. There are good people there they just run under the radar of the rest of the crazies that run the place. It was an eye opening experience and we left as soon as we could.


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    Apr 6, 2014
    Yes NJ sucks the bag big time but you have make the decision in life , will I let the laws possible kill my family or do I break the laws to possibly save my family, my family was always worth the stretch never thought twice about ........
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    Aug 24, 2010
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    I've flown through Newark quite a few times for work overseas, and in the OP is a good word of caution about flying through there. Do not fly with firearms through NJ or NY, that's JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airports, all three of which are major hubs for the east coast. If you still do it and you take a delay with firearms, refuse to collect your firearms from baggage and immediately notify airport police of the situation for (their) proper storage and rechecking.

    But best advice is avoid the place like the plague. I only flew through there when I had zero choice in flight itinerary and never did it with firearms, they gave me those in the parking lot when I showed up to work.

    As for living there, the politics and laws of states are my #1 concern when I've chosen where to live at, above even employability and family location. There's a reason my wife and I left Virginia in 2018 (we were only there to split the difference between her kids and mine), and we now live and work outdoors in Wyoming. Well, I work outdoors, she freezes her butt off walking to the car in the garage and is looking harder at virtual working from home so she never has to leave from October through March.
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    Sep 19, 2020
    I lived there for 30+ years, Never liked the politics no matter who was in control, but the money was good and the job was secure.
    Trying to do anything with firearms is so ridiculous and over regulated. I left after I retired and when Gov Phil Murphy got elected.
    He is a socialist disguised as a democrat, which I can't stand neither one.
    He has instituted a rainwater runoff tax and just hit the state with an increased Gas Tax. My property was less that an acre and I was paying $10K a year in property taxes and that was in the southern part of the state, which was cheaper to live. Murphy was running on the Gun Control platform and for some reason a bunch of gun owners still voted for him, I was in the gun business after I retired and it was short lived. I was so pissed at the changes, a number of gun laws were instituted to punish the Law Abiding Citizens when the criminals in the democratic controlled cities were killing each other with their illegal guns. With bail reform laws they were back out on the street before the arrest report was ink was even dried and were back at their criminal ways. He is on the warpath once again and this time he is increasing fees and taxes related to gun ownership and sales. He is making it where some honest responsible people do not want to even go through the hassle and process of gun ownership. It is impossible for a civilian to get a carry permit.
    I am so glad I left that shithole and moved to "God's Country" where I am in the mountains away from liberal political BS. I don't wanna change a thing down here. New Jersey and Murphy along with the Attorney General, Senator Cory Booker, government officials and Hacks that kisses Murphy's ass can all fall into the Atlantic Ocean for all I care.

    Be safe y'all and carry everywhere you go.