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Firearms  WTS- 6.5 PRC Fully Custom By Spinner’s


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Jun 22, 2017
Cedar Springs, MI
I’m particularly fond of this rifle. I’ve got a dozen or so that Justin has built for me (Spinner’s Fit & Chamber). Every one of them has proven to be quarter minute rifles, if I do my part. This one is no exception. I’ve shot this setup all the way out to a mile (1760 yds) and it hammered. It’s very authoritative on steel and every bit as smooth as my 6 Creeds, thanks to the Area419 Sidewinder brake.

There was zero expense spared building this rifle. I’m not hurting so realize it’s worth what it’s worth and I’ll not respond to lowball offers.

I’ll consider trades, heavily in my favor, but prefer to sell outright.

Pictures of normal 5-shot groups at 100 yards are attached. This rifle has only seen 347 rounds of factory Hornady 147 ELDM Match ammo, so it could do better with handloads but is lights out with the factory stuff too 😃

I have several hundred rounds of the loaded ammo to help make a deal with someone. They run about 2950 FPS from this rifle, with SDs from 6 to 10.

Build details:
-Tuebor Raider action w/ integral 20 MOA rail (all my rifles start with these action, they are amazing)
-Bartlein M24 Spiral fluted 1:8 finished at 26” and threaded 5/8 x 24
-Area419 Sidewinder brake
-Manners PRS-1 mini-chassis in Monroe camo, with the new thumbshelf. (the color gets tons of compliments)
-Area419 full length Arca-lock rail
-TriggerTech Diamond Pro Curve trigger
-Wiebad cheek pad
-SAP two round holder
-All machine work done to perfection by Justin @SpinnersFit&Chamber

Turn-key setup. Just add your glass and go win a match!

$3,695 invested on my part

Price- $2,900 shipped to FFL

*If you want shipping insurance, that’s on you.

No, you don’t get my black Gen II Razor, bipod or rings for that price.


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