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Rimfire  WTS: Remington 40x 22lr repeater converted


Dirty Civilian
PX Member
Feb 19, 2012
Charlotte, NC
Had this converted by Mike a few years back for a repeater. Comes with 4 magazines and is threaded for 1/2x28 and back bored for suppressor use. Bolt handle done by BolFlutter here with their Mini Tac knob. I have no recent groups but 1/2" to 1/4" with typical ammo...it liked one particular lot of Eley Tac that it shot 1/4" on a bad day. I believe 24" barrel...will confirm over easter. Either 22 or 24".

Barreled action w/4 mags only: $1300shipped
w/scope rail and KRG Bravo: $1600 shipped

Neither option includes a trigger...I need my precious Walkers.

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