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Movie Theater You KNOW it is something you'd be fascinated with.


Bend over I'll drive
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  • Jan 2, 2022
    So, I just recently had to farm sit for a buddy of mine that had an emergency issue.
    Someone had to feed the cattle/horses/sheep/pigs/ducks...whatever.

    Minding my own business I went looking thru his DVD collection for something to relieve the boredom one faces when trying to kick back at a house that isn't yours.
    One title stood out like nothing I have ever come across in my over half a century of life on this planet.
    I was immediately transfixed staring at the cover of this DVD, it took a full minute or two to gather myself and then think....."holy shit, I have to see at least a minute or two of this shit".

    When my buddy returned home the first thing I asked him was why he had obtained this DVD.
    He said "Once you saw the cover, were you not transfixed, were you not horrified, were you not almost forced to view a few minutes of it?".
    I had to admit to all those points.
    He then said "well, there ya go".
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