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    Powder Valley Issue

    They are really one of the best in the business. I’m sure something just got messed up. They are way behind on orders and communications from my recent experiences. It’ll get fixed and/or figured out but stay cool and stay in contact with them.
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    Lapua Creedmoor SRP brass & CCI400s?

    Just work up your loads as usual. If the primers start showing pressure signs then back off. They will work just fine but not at high pressures.
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    TBAC Group Buy

    Let’s get it started. Sign me up for a 6.5 Ultra 5!
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    Suppressor Recommendation for Hunting

    Great job!
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    Suppressor Recommendation for Hunting
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    You won’t be able to hear the difference anyways... don’t sweat it.
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    60 SUPPRESSED Kill Shots.

    Such a sexy sound
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    Powder Valley’s Take on the Primer Shortage

    And where can we place these back orders?? Everywhere I have looked they won’t accept them...
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    Suppressor Recommendation for Hunting

    There are several new ones on gunbroker.
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    K can sound test

    Totally buying my first Ultra 5!
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    Suppressor Recommendation for Hunting

    Today it was the Omega w/ Keymo on a 300 Blackout Pistol..... Usually it’s the 6.5 Ultra 7
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    TBAC Ultra?

    Yeah they really are not hard to find at all.
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    I don’t think there is much of a need for this can in a CB version now that the Gen 2 Ultra 5 has been released.
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    Just can't settle on a suppressor.

    Easy choice... Rugged Obsidian.