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    North Carolina Hog Hunting

    I appreciate the reply. My new job has cut down my hunting days completely. Trying to find a place and species I can hunt in January. If you get around to it, please let us know how it was.
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    North Carolina Hog Hunting

    OP, Did you ever hunt at Carolina Razorback Outfitters? If so how was your experience?
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    Custom hunting rifle advice/builder

    I would choose your rifle builder first. Speak to them and see what they recommend. Then go from their. If your dead set on the same barrel contour and have chosen your stock. Just order it. Just don't change your mind on barrel contour as then you might have a rifle with either a large gap...
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    New Rifle for son - Opinions on caliber

    I think everyone should have a 308. Its not the latest and greatest but its solid caliber. I was surprised at the amount of new hunting ammo I've seen for the 308. I love using my trusty 243 for hunting deer. How is your son with recoil? You could go 6.5creed and then use the excuse that hes...
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    Are the FN SPR enthusiasts extinct?

    What manners stock is that and whats the total weight? I'm thinking of building more of a classic style hunting rifle as I have the bottom metal of an A3g. Spr action Bartlien 3 or 3b barrel Mcmillan Winchester hunter stock Williams bottom metal off A3g Tuned factory trigger
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    WTB kids first rifle. Saw this post. Tikka are great guns for the money.
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    New scope came today

    Congrats. Always nice to step up your gear to a higher level of quality. I had one a few years back. I will be getting one of the 3-18s for my 223 gladius eventually.
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    My VX-5 Leupold reticle is not level

    If I spent 1k on a scope I'd send it back to get any issue corrected. You payed for a properly made scope. Also Leupold has great customer service and warranty. If there's something wrong they fix or replace it in my experience.
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    WTB- Eagle industries or Tac Ops stock pack (LNIB)

    Looking for eagle industries or Tac ops stock pack in OD Green. Please let me know if you have one your willing to part with. Thanks.
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    Are the FN SPR enthusiasts extinct?

    Thanks Action Guy. I guess I know what action I'll be building my next hunting rifle off of.
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    Are the FN SPR enthusiasts extinct?

    Thanks to this thread I got my hands on an SPR action. Cant thank Quarter Horse enough for giving me the opportunity to buy it. I do have a question and hoping you guys can give me your input. Can I take the 260 barrel that was put on my a3g rifle and put it on this FN spr action. Since they...
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    Experience with Legendary Arm Works Professional?

    The rifles that were first built by them and sent out for reviews were shooters and correctly built. The rifles put into production were another story. I have one in 300wm. Sent it back for because it wouldn't shoot at all. They installed a new barrel. Sent it back to me and it still wouldn't...