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    Help figuring out a Model 70.

    I have a 1953 win M70 in 308 and it is a short action, in the sense it would be very hard to convert to a long action.
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    What’s the science behind loose primer pockets?

    More powder, more powder in a load work up.. until short brass life.. back off 6% normal powder or 3% for temperature insensitive powder. I have been doing this for a long time with a lot of guns.
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    Is this really what to expect from Lapua brass?

    I have ordered Lapua brass 10 times between 2009 and 2021. I have never seen the slightest defect. I have never had a problem with Nosler brass, either. Win and RP brass take extra preparation time.
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    Howa 1500 builds **post them**

    I bought a Howa in 2005. I have not rebarrelled it yet. I have rebarrelled Arisakas with metric threads [have to get my hands dirty switching gears in the lathe], but not the Howa... yet. Metric threads is something I do not look forward to.
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    45 acp loading expertice needed

    When I do hot loads in a pistol cartridge, I have to use rifle primers to keep working up higher in pressure... once the pistol primers start piercing. From 2005 range testing: 0) 45 acp....................... 185 gr 7.6 gr AA#5 jams w/stock Patriot spring 1) 45 acp........................185...
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    This rifle has won more Olympic and World medals than any other

    I have a 1935 Win model 52 with G.Titherington barrel Wright-Allen trigger Weitek Vaver rear sight 13.5 lb. In 7 years, I have not managed to shoot ANY 13 pound rifles.
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    School me on the "best 6mm"

    The 6mmBR brass from Lapua or RP is so high quality, if you are reloader, you should get a 6mmBR just to experience good brass.
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    Swiss K31: Stunning

    Tags under my K31 butt plates.
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    More 1976 biathlon than sniper 6.5x54r Vostok

    bucks shot with mosins. 6.5 Vostok fits in Mosin action easily. 300 Win Mag in Mosin action takes effort. I made an ejection override button, so I could unload chambered unfired 3.34" OAL 300WM ammo.
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    How many bolt action rifles have you built in the last year?

    started another one.....6.5-06 Mauser
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    Sizing Die Faceoff

    I learned that my intuition about errors adding is wrong. I designed and amplifier that was mass produced and computer tested. With ~ 50 resistors with 0.5% accuracy involved in gain calculation, I calculated gain could vary from -15 to + 50. But production showed the Gaussian distribution...
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    How much do dies really matter in accuracy?

    Sliding sleeve seater dies can produce 0.001" better concentricity that simple seater dies. That has too small an effect for me to measure on the target.
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    Sizing Die Faceoff

    Ammo concentricity has a mathematical relationship with group size as published NRA A.A. Abatto. But ammo is inserted in the chamber with random rotational orientation. Cut chambers with eccentricity are fixed orientation. While we shoot ammo that is 0.0050" concentric and that matters, we...
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    How much do dies really matter in accuracy?

    I experimented with dies in 2009. I used my 223 die collection with populations of 20 pieces of brass and fired them again and again measuring case length growth and concentricity. Each population of brass was dedicated to one die, over and over. I had already tested my way to believing the...
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    Norma moving US headquarters to Savannah Ga. area.

    I should ask, "Hey, why is Norma brass so soft? My 257 Roberts ackley rimmed with Norma brass is as pressure limited as 257 rob ack with extractor grooves."