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    Bushnell DMR Objective OD Question

    I have used the search feature with several different phrases (DMR objective diameter, DMR bell diameter, Bushnell, etc) but cannot find if this has been asked previously. Does anyone know the diameter of the objective end of the Bushnell DMR 3.5-21x 50mm (Model Number ET35215G) - I'm looking...
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    Anschutz 54 single shot to repeater conversion

    I have seen a similar 40X conversion on the Hide and mention of the Anschutz conversion in the archives but can't find anything conclusive. Has anyone seen or put their hands on a conversion kit to move the model 54 from single shot to repeater either from Mark Cheseboro or other? Kind...
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    Help - Dog sprayed by skunk

    My wife's dog was just sprayed by a skunk. We are using the baking soda/peroxide mix and tomato juice, neither to much avail. Does anyone have another recommendation....quickly? Kind Regards, Dan
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    Anyone else miss Precision Shooting

    I've never been much for gun magazines but I did appreciate Precision Shooting. Sure it was benchrest heavy sometimes but it had some pretty good articles and history. I know there is a lot of good electronic information out there but it was really nice to be able to take a copy to the throne...