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    Building the Perfect Reloading Room

    Some of these reloading room/setup cost more than my car
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    SWFA 5-20HD 9 yrs later. Is NF 5-25ATACR really needed?

    I tried asking this in many places but its hard to get a true answer as most people have no experience with SWFA. Those who do did not have them long nor have much feedback. Because of that I am going back to the place that made it as strong gas it...
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    Gun Room Security

    I know this sounds weird but its not much of a security but its good to know who is going into the room when it does happen. I install a ring camera facing towards the door. any movement of the door will start recording and notify me asap . from there its easier to take action. a strong door...
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    SOLD- SWFA HD 5-20X Illum mil/mil W/Acc

    Seller : Dat Location: DFW Texas Shipping: Will ship fedex with tracking and signature required Price: SOLD I have for sale my original owner SWFA 5-20 illuminated mil/mil with throw lever, vortex bubble and seekins ring. I have a few SWFA optics and still do. Only reason I am selling it is...
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    Building the Perfect Reloading Room

    Seville Classics UltraHD its a very sturdy one and sometime you can find it on sale at sams or walmart. The top is actual wood not press cheap stuff. I paid 150 for mine. Its very good compare to kobalt and other desk and it doesnt move easily if you push it again the wall. You have to bash on it.
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    Black Friday deals?

    I somehow got lucky and actually made purchases prior to thanks giving. I got a MDT chassis for my Ruger 22 for 180 dollars after tax shipped (Original price was 430 after tax fromo MDT website) I also picked up a MDT stock and a few other stuff but scoring a 22 chassis for 180 was the best deal...
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    Magnetospeed Sporter - New

    I think magnetospeed will do an upgrade plan if you fill out the form through their website. That was what I did.
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    Looking for an annealing set up, recomendations

    I do not shoot as much as some of you guys in here. I went with a company call Annealeez and its been amazing. I used to do it manually with a drill but it was inconsistent. Since using annealeez my time has been cut hugely and my shots SD and all has been so much better. Its maybe the cheapest...
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    SH Cars, Show Them Rides.

    Dang I probably have the slowest car in here... I drive essentially a Prius and have a weekend project car.
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    Thank you Mile High/Mike from Texas

    Wouldn't be surprise if we have met at some point. Im Dat.
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    100 yd zero?

    There are no right answers. For me I like 100yard zero as that has work for me in my calculation for other stuff.
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    Thank you Mile High/Mike from Texas

    where in texas are you from? I am from DFW and used to own a 87 supra and a 92 supra also.
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    Home grown or American made?

    All the sudden tennis just got more interesting.......... :p
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    BUIS alternatives

    I just run them magpul ones. No point in spending the cost of the gun on it IMO. The magpul is cheap yet durable enough for 99% of the people on here. Unless you are throwing your gun out of a chopper I do not see spending 3-400 bucks for back up sights.