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    Navy Service

    Looking for some wisdom: A neighbor's nephew took his ASVAB and did very well, and was offered a slot in the nuc program(enlisted). Since I am an old Marine he asked me what I know, which is zero. I imparted some thoughts about military life in general, and life aboard ships, but that's about...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Just got myself a ka-bar, anything I need to know?

    I have several, you will like it for just about everything. I have one I use as a "beater"; opening beers, driving nails after too many beers, throwing into tree after more beers. Oh, yeah, and it's caped/gutted/quartered/boned many pigs and some elk; you'll have Popeye forearms after awhile...
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    Hunting & Fishing Hunting in Germany

    NNN, I hope all goes well for you, I have one bit to add: It sounds like your son is of age where it's time he took a hunter's safety course; you should take one with him. It's great father-son time, he won't feel left alone, and will do better on the test portion(which are easy if you just...
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    New Supergun

    OK, stop practicing, reloading, buying top-line gear. You won't need it. 'Smart Rifle' Begins Shipping to Gun Owners This Week I know, combine the yahoo idiots with ABC and you get what you deserve by spending any time there anyway, but it caught my eye, so I read it. I especially like the 3...
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    Maggie’s The excuse creator

    Go straight across for the first 6 or 7, good laughs, especially top row. I recommend complete sobriety prior to use of this list... The one you use drunk likely would be the funniest, but when the -now- ex tells you what you said, well... I guess you would laugh twice! (Until the alimony...
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    Maggie’s Had an Amazing Dump today

    Glad you put up the pics! I thought you meant another kind of "dump." I had a pretty good one today, too, but I wondered why you were telling us about yours. Congrats on the dump!
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    Hunting & Fishing .338 Lapua projectile for hunting big game?

    For hunting just about any big game: I've gone to Barnes TSX, and I don't plan to go back. No lead, easy to find, not outrageously expensive, plenty of calibers, as accurate as any other production hunting bullet.
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    Omaha Beef Indoor team just made an offer- $75/game! I'd take it if I were him- it might be the only offer he gets this season, at least until the injury bug hits some team hard, and they need anybody that can call signals.
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    MotoGP lands in Texas

    +1 on the race! And yes, it is a beautiful track, nothing else like in the states. Man those guys are unbelievable!
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    High school player hits 3 homeruns in one inning

    Yes, I watched that in awe. I saw an interview a few months ago, and Jackson said that when they brought in Charlie Hough for the last one, he thought they were playing games; he had always hit knucklers pretty well. So Hough warms up, and then serves up, a monstrous blast Jackson hit like...
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    High school player hits 3 homeruns in one inning

    I first saw the title and wondered why the big deal, then saw the part that said INNING!! Things like this are why baseball can sometimes be appreciated as one-of-a-kind. It will likely never happen again; just like Fernando Tatis hitting 2 grand slams in one inning vs Dodgers. Any pitcher or...
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    Broken ankle squat delay question

    I have an ankle screwed back together, but no plate. Still in there, been since... I dunno, 1990? Think Gulf War timeline. 5 screws, makes for funny x-ray when you go in after dismounting a street bike @ 50mph and forget to tell the tech. As I recall it seemed to take forever(think 2-3months?)...
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    Hunting & Fishing Grizzly hunts....

    PM sent, if you're tracking-
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    Maggie’s Vodka, best bang for your buck?

    It doesn't say vodka on the label, but you'll love it at first taste: Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. They also(of course) have the flavors that have been traditional in the N.C. area; cherry, blueberry, etc. The Apple Pie goes down straight, just a little...
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    This is obscene

    Supply, demand, and unions. Supply- if you could do the things these guys can do (IR talk later), you would take the money just like them. There is a very, very short list of humans that can (even with drugs) do these things; that's why there is Sportscenter. Demand- When you are one bat...