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    CZ 457

    9 I recently bought a 457 VPT with 16.5 inch barrel as a host for my incarcerated DA Mask. My property only allows about 150 yards max so I installed the 0 MOA DIP scope rail and then an Athlon Argos BTR 6-24x50. Just got the scope mounted this morning and haven't shot. But mounting the...
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    Pictures of my latest build. Noveske Lightweight Stainless.

    This is my latest build, and possibly the handiest feeling AR I have ever owned. Absolutely love the handiness, balance, and look of this build. I already had the lower, but gathered all the upper parts between Jan/March of this year, during the Great Panic. I managed to buy everything at normal...
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    pic request- Noveske NSR 13" with 14.5" barrel

    I an putting together the following upper. Vltor mur 1s Noveske 14.5" stainless lightweight barrel Noveske fde NSR rail 13" Young chrome BCG The barrel will have a new AAC 51t blackout flash hider. I'm thinking there will be plenty of room to mount my AAC 762sdn-6 but would love to...
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    range toolbox/supplies case

    I have put off buying some type of hard case/toolbox for a long time, but am thinking about getting one now. Want something decent sized but not huge, to keep a few cleaning supplies, tools, maybe some ammo/mags, etc in. Just to organize some of the crap that always seems to go to the range...
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    Suppressors AAC Customer Service

    I haven't put many round through it yet, but I have a new 762sdn6. 51t brakeout mount on my Noveske 8.2" blk upper. Mine seems to lock up right, as long as you torque it down well. My next gun is going to be a precision bolt gun, and I figured I'd just get a 51t for it so I could use the same...
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    Rifle Scopes Luepold VX6 3-18x50

    Responded to your pm. I'll sell it. Needing to find some glass for an AR really anyway. Let me know.
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    Rifle Scopes Luepold VX6 3-18x50

    I'm actually likely going to be listing it for trade or sale. Just have to research and see what current market value is on a like new model. If anyone has a need for it, and a nice optic for a recce, or a nice SBR upper in 556, let me know.
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    Rifle Scopes Luepold VX6 3-18x50

    I went ahead and bought it. Not sure why, other than its a decent buy. l will throw it on my Kidd 22 for awhile and see how it does. I don'treally have a dedicated hunting rifle currently, but this thing would shine on one. Just about prefect. Lightweight, very well built (I think Leupold has...
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    Rifle Scopes Fix for ring marks?

    The worst set of ring marks I've ever encountered was from a set of badger rings that were properly lapped. Never gotten ring marks from unlapped badgers. I don't lap anymore. Ring marks in no way hurt a scopes function, but if you ever resell they do make it harder and cost you money. No...
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    Rifle Scopes Fix for ring marks?

    An oily rag will often rub out ring marks that appear permanent. Aggressively rubbed, it usually works.
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    Rifle Scopes Luepold VX6 3-18x50

    I need some quick advice. A buddy of mine knew I was looking for a couple scopes and offered me what I think is a pretty good deal on one. But I'm not too familiar with it and wanted some opinions. Its an as new in box Luepold VX6 3-18x50 with illuminated duplex. For 800$. Not exactly...
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    Rifle Scopes Thought I had settled on an optic for my RECCE...

    I thought I had settled on an optic for my Recce when I finally managed to get my hands on a Vortex Razor HD 1-6. I had convinced myself the top end of 6x would be good enough, and keeping a low end of 1x was a big deal to me. I received the scope and was (still am) super impressed with the...
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    Lapua "Midas M", "MASTER", and "Multi-Match"

    I found some of the above mentioned ammo today and am trying to determine exactly what it is. I have gathered so far that it is discontinued. Or at least the names are. The problem is that there are literally tons of variations in 22 match ammo, and for a relative newcomer, it is a nightmare...
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    Rifle Scopes Meopta ZD 1-4 vs. Vortex Razor 1-6

    Re: Meopta ZD 1-4 vs. Vortex Razor 1-6 I have never even seen the Meopta, and it may be great. But I own the Razor HD 1-6 and it is an exceptional optic. It is pricey, but it is a bargain. Literally built like a tank, and you have to hump the weight accordingly. If you're building a...
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    Rifle Scopes Glass for an old Remington 541s?

    Re: Glass for an old Remington 541s? Will check those out. Thanks.