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    16” recon barrels for AR15

    I went with a Noveske Afghan barrel (14.5”) after seeing a rifle perform with one at Costa Ludus mid range carbine course. That rifle was just hitting steel from 100-700 yards. I was very impressed with that combo. I was having great success with a LaRue predatOBR with 18” barrel and 77 grain...
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    16” recon barrels for AR15

    Need to know who is making the most consistent/accurate barrels for AR15s now. My choices are Krieger/Douglass/Criterian from CLE. Also interested in lothar Walter too.
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    Shooters World Match and 308 w/ 168 & 175 SMK

    Im running with an AR 10 at 16" and a bolt gun with 20"...
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    CCI #41 vs. BR-4 primers... which is more consistent?

    I'm looking to squeeze as much accuracy out of my 18" and 16" ARs that I can get. I'm looking for anyone with experience with BR-4 primers in 5.56 pressure ammo. I am loading 77 grain CC and SMK in LC cases over 24.3 grains of TAC or 23.4 grains of 8208XBR. I'm going out Saturday to try this...
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    What semi auto 308

    tOBR was bought on my dime. Dr. Girlfriend bought the N6. Was offering up the tOBR for sale when the trade option came up. I now have a near precision 308 bolt gun instead of two semi AR10 type rifles. Love the GAP for bench rest and 600 yard shoot at my local range. Like it better when I’m...
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    What semi auto 308

    I have a Noveske N6 with swichblock that runs fine. Can shoot 3/4” groups with the Magtech Sniper ammo when the nut behind the stock does his part. bought a LEO used DD5V1 for one of my groomsmen at my wedding. Rifle could shoot 3/4” groups too. Had a PredatOBR with 16” barrel that I traded...
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    Black Hills 5.56mm 77 Grain Tipped MatchKing Ammunition

    Is the TMK for civilian use or is there a group using these operationally?
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    Shooters World Match and 308 w/ 168 & 175 SMK

    Does anyone have any sweet spots tha I should start looking at using this powder and bullet combo with the SMKs? Can’t find my go to powders locally and wanted to try this stuff.
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    Sig Sauer Cross at SHOT SHOW

    Want to see one in the wild!
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    Best place for MK262?

    Has anyone tried prime?
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    308 saint victor

    How did it shoot?
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    IWI Masada - Anyone have one?

    Make your own holster with Kydex...
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    .223 - 5.56

    + 2000 on 23.4 grains of 8208xbr under a 77 grain Nosler custom competition in L/C brass. Shot sub MOA at 100 yards and near minute of guy holding the rifle at 600 yards... if you use SMKs, I bet it will do a bit better...
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    The Nosler 70gr RDF thread!

    Ok, the RDFs like to jump. Started with a 2.5” group at 2.260” and ended with a1.25” group at 2.245”.... going to make some more rounds at 2.245” with 23.6-23.8-24.0 grains of 8208 xbr, and try a load of 2.240” and 2.235” oacl to see what I end up with.