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    Request recommendation from members

    Suppressor is the way to go. I was born with a bad ear and have had problems off and on all my life, sometimes to the point it would hurt enough I wouldn't go shooting. After getting multiple cans I no longer have that issue. With the can and muffs/plugs you barely even notice the sound.
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    Rifle Scopes How do you protect your LPVO?

    I have an NX8 1-8 bedside and it is BY FAR better than an MRO or RMR for close quarters. I was blown away at how much more FOV it has on 1x than my MRO. I don't have any covers on the scope, I actually took the Tennebraex caps off of it. Personally I would just run a bikini cover in the truck...
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    Time to Jump... Streklok Pro or Hornady 4DOF vs ?

    I've used many apps over the years and they all work, some are easier than others. For the last 2 years I have used a Kestrel 5700 w/ Applied Ballistics exclusively. It is far easier to just use the Kestrel and at this point I don't think I will ever use an app again. The Kestrel is always...
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    Best Chronograph out there?

    @6.5SH It wasn't just one unit, it was several. We've come to the conclusion that some work and some do not. @Takashi You people back east are extra!!! Those baffles are crazy. In WY our range is a tin lean-to with wood benches of inconvenient height and the building is missing 1 out of 2...
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    Best Chronograph out there?

    @6.5SH I do not own a Labradar as I have never seen one function over half of the time. The POI shift has been way less of a pain in my ass as the Labradar next to me has been. More than once we've given up on Labradar and just mounted a V3 so we could get any fucking data and leave the gun...
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    Best Chronograph out there?

    Out of several hundred attempts the Magneto V3 has failed to give me a reading exactly 1 time. It was a Pain Killer muzzle brake and I had to adjust the bayonet by a few inches. It sucks to mount a chrono to your barrel but they work 99.9% of the time and the readings are super accurate. We...
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    🚨BREAKING: Active shooter at South Boulder CO. King Soopers grocery. Officer down. Multiple victims. SUSPECT CAPTURED: AHMAD AL-ISSA

    I know I don't have much pull around here, but can we ban Ben Shapiro??? My ears hurt.
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    How many posts do I need??

    He could line out Theis on the importation of firearms. 4 hours tops.
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    JP Enterprises Captured Spring System

    Is it even considered a battle rifle if you don't weigh some of the parts on a grocery store scale???
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    JP Enterprises Captured Spring System

    You are more than welcome to come shoot this pistol after I swap springs out. The only catch is you don't get to wear any glasses. I literally did this a week ago.
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    JP Enterprises Captured Spring System

    Back pressure from the suppressor. If your buffer spring is too light for your setup then you will get too much gas coming back toward your face and it will blast you. By swapping to the heavier spring it stops almost all the gas that was hitting you in the face. Something like the Radian...
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    JP Enterprises Captured Spring System

    I run them in every gun that will ever wear a suppressor. They really make a noticeable difference in decibels. In short barrels I use either the 4 or 5 springs, the heaviest ones. That's more to prevent gas than for cycling. Never had to adjust weights. In 14.5" or 16 we use the standard...
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    Best Reloading Room Contest

    Few things to do before I can mount a press.
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    300wm elk grain

    One of the few things that the hunting/shooting world kind of agrees on is that 1500 ft/lbs of energy is a good number for minimum amount of energy needed for elk. Where I live that would be somewhere around 1000-1200 depending on environmental conditions, that's for a 215. The longest shot...