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    Left Hand Sale WTS: left-hand Timney 510

    I will take it... thanks
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    Feedback Good Guy List

    Tangodown: Great transaction excellent communication and the scope arrived in as new condition ... I would deal with again without a second thought!!!!
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 338 edge dies and brass.

    I have a whidden 338 edge die can get pic if interested.... also 338 edge reamer and go/ nogo gauges
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    Hunting & Fishing Let’s start a coyote thread.

    had to get serious the last day of season....
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    Hunting & Fishing Let’s start a coyote thread.

    this lil doggy was hunting turkey...(me)
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    Hunting & Fishing Pics out of or from your blind or stand.

    Still hunt a week before Deer season... central Kentucky ( back 40)
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    Hunting & Fishing Any 300 Win Mag fans?

    Been putting critters in the freezer since 1988 with 300wm... when it’s crunch time and tags need to be filled I always pull out the 300wm and make meat... Great to see the ole girl is still popular!!
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    SOLD - LH Savage 110 BA Stealth Evolution .338 Lapua Mag

    I will take her per pm... Thanks ... deciding to pull the trigger on this has been killing me.....
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    Remington’s trigger is an abomination which trigger?

    Timney 511.... if your in your Right mind!!!
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    Gunsmithing Bubba gunsmithing project

    tagged for the bubba factor
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Thinking of ditching .40

    Opinion with .02 worth of history ..... 9mm born in 1902 FBI using .38 and 9mm have a bad out come in Miami 1986 ( those who don’t remember..,, google it) plenty of rounds fired by 9mm FBI push for more stopping power pushed the 10mm and ultimate resulted in the .40 s&w born 1990 Feb 28 1997...
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    Mcmillan HTG - *SOLD*

    I will take it per pm.... thanks
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    Not sure what you charge for admission ..... that is a museum exhibition .....Congratulation on assembling such a fine arsenal!!!!!
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    Feedback Good Guy List

    Woodbnek is a man of his word. Gear guy to deal with Shoot Straight Kytrapper