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    Bimbos On Parade.

    Here we go! In hopes that if a thread gets burnt down that it’ll be this one and not MPT 2.0... Post up your bimbo shots, selfies of THOTS, whatever else you’ve got here. This has been your SnipersHide PSA for the day... I’ll go first. [ATTACH...
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    Song of the day.

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    Operation ‘Hide & Sikh

    Ok guys. As many of you know we lost a great guy and member of the Snipershide forum recently and I would like to say that the out pouring of love, admiration and respect many of you have shown in his honor has nearly restored my faith in humanity...
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    Truth be told.

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    Deregulate the 2A

    So I just posted a petition at the petition.whitehouse.gov site. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/regulate-bump-stocks-youll-need-remove-2-regulations-directly-negatively-effect-2nd-amendment Basically the petition states that...
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    Motivational T-Shirt Pic Thread

    I posted a t-shirt in the MVP thread a while back that got me thinking about starting this thread. It took me a little while to get my photos together, so here they are. I’m sure you guys have some pretty good collections, so let’s see them! Ok , so...
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    Grandpa’s memory box

    After my grand mother passed, we found a box buried in the back of a shed on their property of items my grandpa brought back from the Philippines during WWII. There was a steel plate the looks like something you would lace into the bottom of your boot...
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    Funny Things You Say That Pisses Off Your Wife... Go!

    Load ‘em up boys! Nothing like sharing wits and wisdom with those around you. A while back we were at a craft show together. My wife saw a sign that read, “Laundry $.10 a load”. So I handed her a dollar and asked her if there wasn’t someplace she...
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    Helmet recommendation please.

    I’ve been tryin to find a ballistic helmet to fit my head shape, but all of them I have tried so far (3M, Team Wendy) have put unbearable pressure on the top of my head inducing a headache within about a half hour or so of usage. Can anyone here...
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    Who’s your internet provider?

    Do they suck as bad as mine? My CenturyLink DSL has been intermittent for years, and their solution is to buy another $100 modem or pay them to come out and check the wiring in my new construction home. You can call 3 CS people on the same day and get...
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    PSA on Nightforce

    I bought a NXS 2.5x10x42 compact with the IHR reticle. I’ve learned that the reticle does not have the versatility on a hunting rifle I would prefer. I called Nightforce and they said they would absolutely change the reticle out for one that is a more...