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    Suppressors AAC/Remington bankruptcy issue

    Any updates on AAC’s status?
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    1-8 Brownells MPO

    Anyone know what the exit pupil is?
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    New Sierra 169gr SMK (.30)

    My Tikka T3x prefers 168 SMKs to 175s. I bet it would love these 169s. Too bad I don’t reload (no time, no space).
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    Colt wins Danish Sniper Rifle Contract It's easy to see why the Danes picked the C20 over the HK 417. A DI gun, when set up right, will always pounce a piston gun in accuracy (less reciprocating mass). Colt Canada improved the C901 design, it uses cheaper Magpul mags (417 mags are expensive)...
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    Australian Outback 69 Grain MatchKing and 55 Grain BlitzKing Accuracy Evaluations

    Molon, we miss you! Thanks for the post. Now, if we can just get some damn ammo!
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    H&K G36 vs SIG/SAN Swiss Arms SG 550/551/etc

    I've shot both many years ago (dealer samples), and the Sig 550 series is going to be slightly more accurate than the base G36 because how the barrel is set up relative to the trunion/receiver. The G36 is a completely different animal and was meant to be a light weight assault rifle, not a DMR...
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    Suppressor question

    What is the life expectancy, round count, of the TBAC 9" cans? I realize it is all Titanium. Surefire (met the big guys at the 2019 NRA Convention) told me point blank Ti is great, but you can get more life out of a traditional Inconel/steel can.
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    Suppressor question

    Doesn’t have to be Surefire. I was debating about picking up a 7.62 TBAC for the sake of variety. I want somethingg flexible if I ever need one for 300 Win Mag or 300 PRC. I highly doubt I’ll shoot .338 Lapua any time in the next 20-30 years lol
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    Suppressor question

    I own a Surefire Genesis 7.62, Surefire SOCOM 7.62 and I have an OSS 7.62 in jail right now. If I buy another bolt gun (6.5 Creedmoor), what would you buy? The Genesis is for my 7.62 Tikka, the SOCOM sits on my SCAR and the OSS is for a Polish AKM I will be building.
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    SAKO S20 rail help

    I think they offer something just for the S20. May not be stateside yet. I would email Sako Finland; bypass the US Beretta CS (they never answer the darn phone). I was on the fence about buying a S20. This is one of the reasons why. It's a hunting gun and a < 600 yard gun if you don't need an...
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    SAKO S20 rail help

    Call Sako. I think you have to buy one of their mounts.
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    McMillan used to make one. I would call them first, but you’ll probably have to search Gunbroker and various for sale boards.
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    Rifle Scopes Sphur mount on delta 5

    I would call Mile High Shooting. You could also email Spuhr directly, but MHS will help you on the phone. That is how I picked the Spuhr mount for my Tikka CTR T3x.
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    KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis-Let's See Them

    So no rough movement when the bolt feeds the rounds? I had one of the first Manners PRS stocks with the AICS bottom and I had to send them my gun because it wouldn’t feed. Still was rough after they adjusted it. I am on the wait list for a Whiskey 3 in Sako Green, folding stock. I will give...
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    Does this happen with Tikka CTR mags?

    Spring was still attached. The follower is just sliding out. Maybe follower issue or feed lip issue? I will call Beretta and see what they say. A mag exchange would be nice with such a low round count.