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    Optics WTS - Leica PRS 5-30x56 PRB reticle

    I have 2 of these scopes I think there great/ Glass is very good. Reticle isn't cluttered up like a lot of these PRS scopes, ease of adjusting your turret to zero '. I've owned Leica's close to 2 years , not gentle with them always dialing out to 1000 -1800 yards scope always goes back to zero...
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    The most popular president ever is building a concrete wall around "our" White House.

    I'm betting this is Photoshopped, that said I'm sure Democrats and RHINOS would love nothing better than to wall off the population from the ruling "elitists" in the Wash DC Capitol. This has nothing to do with Communism, It's all about Elitistist, Centralized Government complete control of the...
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    SOLD Sold coated 115 DTAC, HBN

    I'll take them left u message
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    SOLD Sold coated 115 DTAC, HBN

    its not, its dry lubricant.
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    Reloading Equipment WTS - 6.5mm Kraken 147 OTRBT Bullets

    If it doesn't work out interested in 112,s. What does SPF= sold pending funds ?,How much ? No idea what people use as acronyms these days/.
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    WTB AI AT/AX 308 Barrel

    Mile High has a few 308 barrels instock for a change as of a few days ago, FYI
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    Best bushings for bushing dies?

    Forester, anyone know which bushing die is best for pushing back the shoulder 2-4 thousand, Best I found is a Tubb resizer, where you push all cases back , comes with a Neck gauge so you can measure, Forester you can to but its not as exact, Ideas welcome.
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    Accuracy International AT-X

    AXSA Good to know, Good Luck
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    Accuracy International AT-X

    Seriously dude, How about Mon-Tues post a photo . I bought a Demo AXSA form Euro-optics.
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    Accuracy International AT-X

    I bought a in store Demo from Euro Optics, didn't know they were that new, until this post.
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    Accuracy International AT-X

    I bought from Europtics , Demo, they had in store.
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    Accuracy International AT-X

    Mine ATX will be in Mon-Tues next week, Black, I'm very curious to see it work yes Black .
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    Accessories NEW Foundation Stock

    Thank you, it's a Beauty, Great package.
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    Trumps Social Media Platform- "GETTR"

    Galaxy still works, Thanks for asking . Congrats on Expert Status 👍 Best Regards, CCC
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    Trumps Social Media Platform- "GETTR"

    OK, yes , Galaxy 8 plus , 4+ yrs , still works, Thanks for asking Theis. what's Galaxy up to now ? Poor , it's paid for, Unbelievable , really ?