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    260 Remington AI

    Re: 260 Remington AI mgoodrich, I seen the first 2 links. And they were helpful. But the 3rd one, I guess you have to pay to join up and download there material. ollie, I have been seeing H4350 was the other powder folks have been using with great success on the 260AI. So when I decide to go...
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    Photos Oopps...

    Re: Oopps... I'm not sure if I'd cry more from the broken jaw, or the broken rifle!
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    Photos XLR Carbon Chassis

    Re: XLR Carbon Chassis This is just an outstanding chassis set up. WOW.
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    260 Remington AI

    Ok, I got my 260 AI going. Picked up about 250 pieces of hydraulic formed brass made from Lapua 243 cases about a year ago getting prepared for my Christensen Arms 260 AI that I have been working towards. Now I have all kinds of bullets because I have a 6.5 Grendel. Just got a thing for...
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    Range Report +5000 FPS anyone?

    Re: +5000 FPS anyone? That is some really impressive speed there.
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    Federal GMM AR Primers

    Re: Federal GMM AR Primers Sounds like a good deal there, got to give em a shot. I really like that powder, bullet, reloading die and other manufactures are offering items to help curtail some of the "issues" the AR platform has. 8 to 10 years ago, there was next to nothing offered, heck now...
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    RL15 to Varget

    Re: RL15 to Varget I use the longer 155gr lapua's with 8208. Forgot to mention that part. But I have never went with the heavier bullets yet. But that is some good advice on that. Thanks, saved me a few bucks trying a heavier bullet. Thats why a guy has to love these forums with the real...
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    140 gr. GMX 30-30 win load data?

    Re: 140 gr. GMX 30-30 win load data? I load the 35 Remington with the Hodgdon LeverEvolution powder. And it really woke that thing up. With the better powder and polymer tipped bullets offered. But if RL-15 is all you have or want to use there is data for it, but I havent seen anything for...
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    RL15 to Varget

    Re: RL15 to Varget I was an RL-15 fan, made the switch to Varget. Until I went to pick up another 8 pounder. The IMR rep was in there. And well he threw his pitch to me about the 8208 XBR. Of course I was like, yeah, yeah. Pushing your stuff onto me. So he gave me a free pound. So I held off...
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    Federal GMM AR Primers

    Re: Federal GMM AR Primers Wow, AR and Match used together. Never thought I would see that! Yeah, I'd like to see how that works out. Maybe Federal came up with a softer primer that might be slightly recessed to eliminate the age old slam fire issue. Hell I still get em with CCI's. Hope it...
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    Stupid Question - Reloading Room Smell

    Re: Stupid Question - Reloading Room Smell Might get a bit noisy when you get that batch of crusty brass you have to let tumble all night. LOL
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    Poor man's annealing setup

    Re: Poor man's annealing setup Looks like a good way to keep an consistent area of heat being applied onto the neck.
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    Looking for bulk 45acp brass

    Re: Looking for bulk 45acp brass The best route I have found is trolling around on classifieds on forums. Get alot of guys pushing brass by the thousands.
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    Rifle Scopes Cabella's Hunting Scopes: EURO Line

    Re: Cabella's Hunting Scopes: EURO Line I had one a few years back, I also heard they were made by Meopta. And for the money it was a real nice piece of glass. Ended up trading the rifle with it on there. But I would not hesitate on ever getting another one.
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    Rifle Scopes compact rifle scope for AR-15

    Re: compact rifle scope for AR-15 The Leupold VX-R patrol in 1.25x4 is a nice compact under $800.