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    SCAR17 - Reducing Vibration and Recoil Impulse for Optics?

    ADM w/ Mark 6... thousands of rounds, never been an issue !
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    Armalite vs aero precision reciever sets for AR-10 build

    Take it from someone who has a Super SASS... the quality of Aero is 2nd to none, and some of their extras (screw in - bolt catch pin & forward assist)... I'll take the Aero over the Armalite.
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    Armalite vs aero precision reciever sets for AR-10 build

    just get the AP set and be done... it's more modernize & easier to build...
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    Decent budget ar handguards

    Aero Precision Quantum
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    Stacking thread adapters

    1 yes, 2 would be a No from me...
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    Best muzzle brake for 338 LMAI/SiCo Omega 36M

    Over thinking it... the SiCo brake w/ it's 6 ports will be more than suffice
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    Glock 17l gen 3 value

    From my understanding they are made every other year, price depends on when really wants it. When I was looking about 2 years ago, used was selling on GB for around $8-850...
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    AR stock question

    No... diameter problem
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    Ar10 rail with integrated Arca?

    Have you looked at Odin works... not integrated, but they have a line that uses m-lok
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    Diversified machine

    Interesting... I message them via their website and they replied within 24 hours. And then replied to that email and they replied back within the hour.
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    Buying used?

    What ever you do... Don't do this !
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    Flow Through Suppressors?

    The consensus around here is... useless junk that doesn't do a very good job quieting anything down !
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    New AR 15 build questions

    Your rifle is overgassed hence why it won't lock back... and it's flinging the cases into the deflector. Cheap band-aid = H2 w/ carbine spring (may have to step to a 308 spring) The right way = Adjustable gas block
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    Single stamp F1

    eFile your Form1 for just the can...
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    SilencerCo Hybrid

    1. your going to hate it, just Too big of can to have on a handgun 2. if you insist on it, the only 1's worth getting...