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    Dissolve the NRA!

    If the NRA is gonna survive it needs to get to 2A friendly territory...Texas or whatever. The Far East is no place for pro firearm citizens. VooDoo
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    Dissolve the NRA!

    Al things must pass and so will the NRA. When it all comes down to money and power, someone with more money or more power (or both) will oust ya. Like a lot of things, the NRA had it's was all that stood between US and firearms restrictions. Now they are all about "The Money" and have...
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    Can barrel mirage change POA?

    Thanx! That was my next question....running the scope at lower magnification and not seeing the distortion/target displacement is a viable fix? Awesome.... VooDoo
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    Can barrel mirage change POA?

    I'm shooting literal bug holes at 100 yards the first couple 5 round groups. Then my zero starts to shift and groups start going high then by the 5th group they have opened up to 2 MOA and are 2" high at 100 yards. I was convinced it is me but I videoed myself and I'm not flinching nor doing...
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    Texans, respond, or go back to Britain.

    This has been true for some time - vote how it makes ya feel good because it matter Jack, Fucking, Shit. We will not vote our Way out of what comes next. I'm not sure about the BoogaLoo bullshit or Civil War that some folks think we need - there won't be no winners in that game. Only Survivors...
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    Why is level not built into scope?

    When it all goes digital it won't matter anymore. VooDoo
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    Anyone here had Covid?

    Not me but my brother and his wife....both tested and confirmed. He ran a big fever for a couple days then dry cough and total exhaustion for 2 weeks. Treated at home and never went to hospital. Not so bad. His wife not so good....same deal with fever and cough but she has not yet recovered her...
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    How bad will the riots be when Trump wins in November?

    No matter who "wins" it is my opinion that The Republic will continue to circle the toilet. I am extremely worried about being disarmed in this environment. But it's done. Time for a reboot. VooDoo
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    It's worth your time listening to Trump

    You don't have a have a choice. Choose. VooDoo
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    It's worth your time listening to Trump

    A fundamental aspect of Communism is when the Government owns/controls the means of production. A fundamental aspect of Socialism is when The People/Workers own and control the means of Production. Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are...
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    Do I need a 300 Winchester Magnum

    I talk myself out of a 300 Win Mag or .338 Lapua every week. This Covid bullshit ends and I get a job again? I'm having it....too little time before my dirt nap for Grandpa not to have it. VooDoo
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    Do I need a 300 Winchester Magnum

    Are you nuts? Of course you need one. VooDoo
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    Trump took the bait. God help us all.

    You have guessed wrong. Our Government is our enemy - not yer neighbor be he Snowflake, Democrat, Liberal, or Ever Trumper, Republican, or Conservative. We have been divided against each other deliberately. By the Government. Wonder why? VooDoo
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    Doug is "The Man" for Athlon. VooDoo
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    Athlon Midas tac 6-24 did you take that picture? VooDoo