1. freedom71

    SOLD Schmidt Bender 1-8x24 ShortDot Dual CC

    FOR SALE: Schmidt Bender 1-8x24 PMII ShortDot Dual CC black scope with MDR-T6 reticle and CCW ST LT MTC (model no. 683-811-43E-K2H2). Excellent, like-new condition. Comes with original box, accessories, papers. Bought it but then went in another direction with my rifles/scopes. Has been...
  2. MtnGhost

    Optics SOLD NightForce ATACR 1-8 C597 + Scalarworks LEAP QD Mount

    Purchased this unit new from CSTactical. I have two of these, but this one has only been mounted on a PCP air rifle. Built like a tank and has superb low light visibility for an LVPO, It has the FC-DM reticle. Comes with the Tennebraex favtory flip caps, box, thread protector ring for running...
  3. D

    LPVO Thoughts

    Am I the only one that thinks the main purpose of an LPVO is being missed by manufacturers because of the following thoughts? When I think of an LPVO, I think CQB to beginning of long range about 500 to 600 yards. I think of wanting wide FOV and DOF. I think of no turret adjustments, just using...
  4. L

    SOLD POF Revolution 308, USO 1-8, Larue QD, 19 Mags Harris bpod

    POF Revolution .308 with USO 1-8, TS-8x SFP (simple cross hair reticle, illuminated 30mm) in Larue QD Mount. 14 pmag 25 round mags, 1 20 round pmag, 2 40 round promags, 1 Armalite 5 round steel mag, 1 ACS 10 round steel mag, Harris Swivel Bipod with Larue QD Mount and basic hard case for...
  5. Curahee19

    SOLD WTS Schmidt & Bender Dual CC

    Selling my S&B Short Dot Dual CC scope. I bought this in January from eurooptic and have never used it. Comes with everything it would brand new. Scope is in excellent condition glass is spotless. Has the mdr-t6 reticle 3800$ shipped insured
  6. freedom71

    Optics SOLD *** Kahles K18i 1-8x24 LPVO with 3GR reticle PLUS Aadmount Caps

    SOLD*** LIKE NEW Kahles K18i 1-8x24 LPVO 3GR $2100 plus Aadmount Scope Caps Had the Kahles 16i on my 223/14.5" carbine for a couple of years, then decided to try the 18i in June, so I purchased this from Scopelist. Was very impressed with the FOV and clarity (better than the 16i), smooth throw...
  7. S

    Rifle Scopes ~$1000 LPVOs? Primary Arms PLx 1-8x24mm / Riton X7 Tactix 1-8x28mm

    So I'm looking to upgrade my PA 1-6x LPVO to something with better glass and better 1x. There are a lot of options in the ~$1000 range and I've read several threads on here and a good amount of praise for the PLx 1-8x. But I've seen almost no mention of the Riton X7 Tactix that seems like a good...