1. muzzlebreaker

    New guy

    Hi there Sniper's Hide, long time listener first time caller. lol Anyway a few of my friends who shoot comps and some guys from the very popular rifle club I belong to suggested I get on here for education and information. Look forward to both. My first question to the Hide is this. I'm...
  2. R

    Building an MK12 1000 Yard Rifle

    Ok guys, I am building a MK12 rifle that if I am correct will shoot out to 1000yds. What are your opinions on this shot is it possible using a 5.56 rd?
  3. S

    Places to shoot 1000yds in Washington state

    Looking for somewhere to shoot in western washington up to or past 1000 yards. A buddy told me you could go out into Olympic natl forrest and find some spots but it is a ways away and I dont want to risk a 3 hour drive and come away empty handed.
  4. B

    reloading 30 06 for 1000yds

    i am new to reloading and looking for help with finding out what combo will give me the power and consistency out to 1000 yds. i have remington brass. i was told to try the smk 168 gr from a buddy but have seen a lot of people using a heavier bullett. i am completely lost with what is a good...