.22 lr

  1. msting22

    Firearms FS: PRS/NRL ready .22 Rifle package

    With .22lr matches becoming so popular and so much fun to shoot this is great package for anyone looking to get started in it. This rifle is built around a Savage Mark ll FV-SR with user-adjustable AccuTrigger. Rifle is very clean and well taken care of. Savage Mark ll FV-SR with adjustable...
  2. A

    ZCO with MCPT3 or MCPT1

    I am looking at buying a ZCO scope for my .22lr. I have never used a tree like reticle. I am interested in trying one and was looking at the MCPT3 but am wondering if I should just stay with the MCPT1 will be using for NRL 22 and taking it out to distance
  3. travels4fun

    New Steyr Scout RFR Rimfire Rifle

    I'm seriously considering buying one since they are currently on sale for $489 at gunprime.com which seems like a good deal. I was hoping to hear from anyone who owns one or who has handled one. I haven't been able to find much in the way of real hands feedback or reviews on the gun. For those...
  4. Gisbo_Falcon

    RWS lockdown scope mount question for Marlin 795

    Has anyone used the Umarex RWS lockdown scope mount with a Marlin 795? If so, which scope did you go with? Umarex RWS Lockdown 1" Scope Mount Aluminum Black 2300596 I am in the middle of doing a build with a Marlin 795. Using a Boyd Tacticool stock. Wanting to keep the build on the...
  5. HeadShotBrent

    Photos Ruger 10/22 Desert Woodland Camo

    Hello everyone, a little why back I did a paint job on my 10/22 stock, it was my first job and I think it came out quite well, my Dad said it looked nice so I must of done something right. I used Krylon camo series FDE and OD Green, and some touches of black here and there. I am hoping to get...
  6. G

    Savage TR

    Went and shot today with dads savage tr and tried out fed am, cci tactical, cci standard, cci quiets, center x, wolf me. All at 50. The results weren't that great. Wolf me with cci tactical as a close second. Shoots great with sparrow, but is lacking without. Sorry for no pics. Wolf a little...
  7. G

    Leatherwood ATR 7-30 of 4-16

    Has anyone used either of these on their rimfire's? Seems like the multiple turret flags would help him so he won't have to think about what to dial. Thoughts or reviews?