1. Justgoingdownrange87

    Accessories Area 419 338 Sidewinder Muzzle Break

    WTS Area 419 338 sidewinder self timing muzzle break. It’s black in color and will come with the adapter. It’s is for a 5/8-24 muzzle $165.00 shipped
  2. TopTeerPrecision

    WTB Looking for Berger 338 300 OTM’s

    I’m scouring the world for some 338 300gn OTM’s. I have several pounds of Retumbo to trade or am willing to just purchase. Please let me know if anyone’s got some.
  3. sevenplagues

    Accessories SOLD ***AREA 419 SIDEWINDER MAGNUM Muzzle Brake - 338 (3/4-24)

    Came on rifle and decided to run a different brake Asking 125 shipped PP F&F, VENMO, CASHAPP Thanks
  4. lead ƒarmer

    SOLD 338 bullets - Berger 250gr Elite Hunter & Hybrid OTM Tactical

    I have a few 338 bullets that I don't need right now. All are 250gr Berger bullets. The first box is unopened 100ct Elite Hunters, and the next box is Hybrid OTM Tactical with 35ct left. I would like to sell as a single lot to avoid multiple shipping charges. Asking $115 shipped/insured. I can...
  5. lead ƒarmer

    SOLD Gun room clean out - 338 bullets

    I am cleaning out my gun room and have quite a few partial boxes of bullets and a few new ones too. Prices listed below DO NOT include shipping. SHIPPING WILL BE MY ACTUAL COST, I will find the best deal for you. That way people can buy multiple things with one shipped price. I can take Venmo...
  6. A

    Firearms Savage 338L, Rem 700 338 Edge

    Two rifles for sale, prices are pretty firm as I believe they are reasonable. Located in Eastern Ohio, no trades. 1). Sold Savage 110 precision 338 lapua. This gun has never been fired, purchased new back in the spring. Has a bartlein 30” tube 9.3 twist, heavy Palma with a 5 port super beast...
  7. I

    Firearms Custom 338 Norma ASR Clone. ***SOLD***

    Built by Tim Humston at Suppressed Armament Systems as a clone of the SOCOM ASR. Set up for 300gr hybrids. Absolute tac driver. I just don't have the time or place to really stretch it out, and too many other projects at the moment... Will sell with or without scope/mount. -Stiller TAC 300...
  8. Safety_3rd

    Firearms Thunderbeast 338 SR for sale Form 3, can ship tomorrow

    I've got a Thunderbeast 338 SR, a 5/8-24, and a 3/4-24 brake (I think this is the other one, I will confirm). I bought it to use on my 338 Lapua and the smaller brake to try and shoot it on my 6.5 creed. I've not shot it with the 338, and have 50 rounds of 6.5 through it. Selling to fund...
  9. O

    WTB: 338 RUM Brass and FL Die Set

    Looking for ADG brass ideally, but open to others. Prefer forester or Redding non competition FL die set. Thanks.
  10. Oakland Tactical

    CADEX Defence Patriot Lite Rifle 27" Barrell .338 Lapua MFG # CDX33-LITE-338-27

    Cadex Defence Patriot Lite Rifle 27" Barrel .338 Lapua MFG # CDX33-LITE-338-27 $5,941.95 Shipped The CDX-30 Guardian Lite, CDX-300 Freedom Lite, and CDX-33 Patriot Lite sniper rifles combine all mandatory features that an operator needs in the field. Nothing is left to chance and every...
  11. lowlight

    Did some testing of a solid today... @ 1k.

    So, I have this crazy, 338 Norma Mag Barrel from GAP/Bartlein that is a Gain Twist designed for some crazy monolithic solids and this week I was testing the latest batch. The goal to was to check stability and make sure they actually hit the target. Basically speaking this was Phase One...
  12. J

    Suppressors The wait begins....DTA SRS w/ TBAC 338ba

    Entering the queue today! FDE Thunderbeast 338ba on my Stealth Recon Scout. The FDE TBAC is almost an identical match in color to the rifle. If the sound is half has good as this set up looks, I think I will be very happy. Going to run the 338 two port brake on both my 308 and 338...
  13. H

    Question About Rebarreling to Larger Caliber

    Hi all, I'm considering my options for a future build. If I build a custom .308 rifle based on a long action (Surgeon/BAT/Defiance), what are some problems that may arise if I want to rebarrel to .300 WM or .338 LM after the .308 barrel has been shot out? Thanks for your help.
  14. T

    savage .338 lapua

    I have a savage model 111 long range hunter in .338 lapua and I am wanting to swap out the stock for a tactical stock Any sugestions where I can find one ? I looked into the McMillan stock but I'm not wanting to ship my rifle
  15. KiwiShtr

    New Version of the AWSM 338?

    Ive been looking into getting an AI AW 338. Ive been informed that AI are coming out with a new mod version next year some time. With new mags that will take 10rds and CIP. Can anyone shed some light on this and any other mods that will be in it? As this may pospone my purchase untit i comes...
  16. B

    Retumbo and 338 Norma Mag

    After running some quikload #'s it seems that some of the powders and loads mentioned on here for the 338 Norma Mag are over pressure. RL22 @ 83gr= 66,380psi @ 2700fps Ramshot Magnum 90gr=67,288psi @ 2741fps My question is anyone using Retumbo in there 338 Norma. It seems to deliver same speed...
  17. O

    Semi Auto .338 Lapua -RND 2000 v.s. Vigilance VR1

    I am hoping that some one here has experience with these rifles, or knows of some first hand accounts in regards to their perfomance. I found this website from a search online, but cannot find my way back to the thread in which a "jimmy" something posted pictures of an RND 2000, but no actual...
  18. P

    338 Edge bottom metal/ DBM?

    I am gathering parts for a 338 Edge build. I have the barrel and action 700 LA mag, soo I'm almost there. What bottom metal or mag set up are you guys using. I was going to just use a Wyatt box and BDL bottom metal to start. But if something else is clearly better I would go that way. Thanks Eric
  19. R

    Gunsmithing AI 338 Lapua Magazine modification

    Can the AI 338 Lapua Magnum magazine be modified to feed a 338 RUM? If so how and who does such work?
  20. H

    338 RUM Data??

    I need some load data for the 338 RUM. I was thinking of using the 250 lapuas or the 249 boar tec. Have not found load data I was impressed with. What speeds should I get out of a 32” barrel ?