1. carnageasada

    SOLD Safariland Model 086 Double 8 Shotgun Shell Holder+2.25" belt clip [PAIR]

    A PAIR of Safariland Model 086 Double 8 shell holders, never used, brand new without packaging with a 745BL 2.25" belt clips: https://safariland.com/collections/gear-accessories/products/model-086-double-8-shotgun-shell-holder-model_086_8 Asking $100 shipped, via PayPal, no trades.
  2. phidelt208

    Optics Vortex Razor GEN III 1-10 SPF

    Selling my Vortex 1-10x Gen 3 scope Milliradian, I've only take to the range one time. With box, throw lever and paperwork. MRAD Price firm at $1950 SPF
  3. C

    Rifle Scopes 3gun scope

    i want to buy my hubby a new scope for his ar, he has had it a long time. He wants to shoot 3 gun and I know they shoot out to 450 yards. His eyes aren't the greatest so he needs something really good. The clerk at our sports store recommended a burris 1.5x6 I believe. Any recommendations...
  4. M

    Rifle Scopes Latest in 3-Gun Optics????

    Looking to finish my 3-gun AR and am wondering what the current "best" optic is for the 3-gun comps? Looking for a single optic for close in and distance. I believe the last rage was a dual optic set-up with a variable scope for long range and a dot sight off at a 45. I am hoping there is a...
  5. MachineGunTours

    Photos Best Match Pict ever 2009 Blue Ridge Mountain 3Gun

    I met these two operators at the match. They mentioned something about answering phones, vmail and transferring calls. We had a great time and we will back for more next year.
  6. J

    Suppressors Benelli M2 Question - 3-gun? Value?

    Okay, have a buddy that has an M2, what's the value of this thing. It comes as seen, side saddle, tube extension, some goofy laser and flashlight that I put no value on at all. Negative item is that it's missing part of the rear sight, who knows what Benelli will charge for this piece...
  7. SFC Carpentier jr

    Larue 3-gun match update

    OK I am still trying to recover from this match. We got back to the motel last on SAT night and all I wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed. We made it back late last night. I will post a little more and some photos later on today. I am at work right now. Stay tune.