1. T

    Rifle Scopes CZ 527 Base

    Does anyone have any info on a one piece base for a cz 527? I know I've seen them on here before. But I'm not coming up with anything.
  2. T

    One Piece Base For CZ 527

    I know I saw posts about this before. But my search is turning up lacking. Was wondering if anyone had some info for a 1 piece base. The rifle is a good shooter but parts for a cz a hard to come by. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. P

    Rifle Scopes rings for a CZ 527

    Guys, A bud of mine is looking to put a Leupold 2x20mm scope on his CZ. Where can i get a set of rings that will work with this setup? TIA SOTA
  4. D

    Gunsmithing CZ 527 Trigger Challenges

    I bought my wife a new CZ 527 in .223 Remington. The trigger, as it came out of the box, was terrible. My gunsmith (who has been building match rifles for more than thirty years) has been having a terrible time getting either the regular or 'set' trigger to something resembling a crisp break...
  5. 762frmafr

    Gunsmithing CZ 527 QUESTION

    I just bought a left handed CZ 527 in .204 Ruger. I love everything about the gun except that when you work the bolt it feels a little gritty. Like the action is not as smooth as say a remington or something like that. Is there anything that can be done about this? I know that CZ is not the...