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  1. D

    Remington 552 Speedmaster

    I have two 552 speedmasters that are about 10 years old. They both have not been shot very much and cleaned very well after each range outting. This year they both missfeed, cases stuck in the chamber, etc. I have tried different types of ammo, not clean as much, then go way overboard on...
  2. M

    Rifle Scopes Eotech 552 battery leak help!!!!

    I took my AR-15 out today for some 4th of july fun and I noticed my sight did not turn on. Upon further investigation I noticed a battery had corroded and leaked inside the sight!!! I cleaned it out the best I could and replaced the batteries but the sight still does not turn on. Am I...
  3. H

    Eotech 552 xr 308

    I recently purchased a 552 xr308 for my m1a. The reticle is set up with different dots for different ranges, out to 1.2 clicks. Now, normally I zero a holo sight by measuring the distance between the center of the optic to the center of the barrel. I mark to different points on the target, one...