1. Nocalphoenix

    Rem 581 Trainer rebuild

    Well it took a while but Im done and very happy. This was my first rifle and has eaten a ton of rounds. I considered going nuts with a full rebarrel but it still delivers 3/4" at 50yards with hunting ammo and I cannot hold much better than that in the field. The stock is a duplicate of the BC...
  2. R

    Remington 581 scope base

    Does anyone know of someone or somewhere a picatinny rail for a 581/541 with some moa is sold? or could anyone out there possibly make one? please pm me if you can make one. thanks any info appreciated.
  3. Nocalphoenix

    Rebarreling a Rem 581

    Guys I have a Rem 581 bought back in about 1977 and it was my first rifle. Needless to say it suffered alot as I learned to shoot and has taken a ton of abuse. Accuracy has gone down hill and barely breaks 1" at 50yards. My best guess is about 30-50,000 rounds through it, mostly CCI minimags...