1. USMCj

    Attention Remington 597 Owners/Fans!! Good News!!

    If you are like me, then you hate Ruger and everything he stood for. So you bought a Rem597 instead of drinking the 10/22 kool-aid. (I for one love my 597 and its design compared to the 10/22, but hated the fact that there was very little aftermarket support for this rifle) But then you noticed...
  2. USMCj

    Anyone here have a Rem 597 /w a Volquartsen barrl?

    If so, what ammo does your rifle seem to like? I was thinking of picking up a brick of Wold MT and ME to see which does better, but if anyone has tried it already I can just buy the one that works better. thanks USMCj
  3. S

    597 shooters

    I am looking for a rimfire semi-auto in 22 mag, and wanted to get some opinions on the gun. NO one seems to know anything about them, so I wanted to see if anyone on here had info.
  4. A

    597 and 504 compatibility

    Does anyone know if Remington 597 mags will fit a 504? I have a 504, but some mags with a higher capacity than 6 would be nice!! The mags look similar in pics, but need to know from someone who has tried before I import some mags.